After reading and on moving past carbon pricing. I spent a while drafting up the counter argument: The immediate case for a carbon price.
Did you catch ' and 's argument *against* carbon pricing in the Boston Review a few weeks ago? says "Not so fast!" Taxing GhG emissions is the right thing to do--politically, economically, and environmentally.
This is an excellent rebuttal by ⁦⁩. “Even if policymakers are not willing to rely on pricing alone, almost any conceivable set of standards and regulations would operate more rapidly and efficiently if combined with a carbon price.”
A great article by that makes the case for why and how a carbon price can be an effective first step to address climate change
. and write that “[c]arbon pricing has dominated conversations around climate policy for decades, but it is ineffective.” respectfully disagrees.
My colleague . on why a CO2 price should be the centerpiece of U.S. climate policy. It combines the efficiency of a market-based solution with minimal need for administrative interpretation, and sets us on a durable path to decarbonization
As #FossilFuel industry stumbles under debt & slack demand, & renewables garner more investment, NOW is the time for a #CarbonTax on #climate #pollution. (And yes, the tax will need to ramp-up briskly over time.) [email protected] .
If America’s carbon efficiency advantage were reflected in the prices of manufactured goods, “U.S. manufacturers would have an immediate competitive advantage and the incentive to build upon it,” writes in a recent article. Read it here
Why a carbon price is the right thing to do for climate, now and still.