New: employees at Verkada, a facial recognition and security camera startup, abused their company's own surveillance cameras to monitor and harass women colleagues, making a Slack channel with their faces and sexual comments, according to sources, docs
❌ NSA analysts spied on significant others. ❌ Ring employees were caught looking at off-limits footage. ❌ Verkada staff use their own facial recognition tech to harass other employees. Abuse of dangerous tech often starts with the people who build it.
Men at $1.6 billion surveillance startup, Verkada, abused the company's facial recognition tech to post sexually graphic content their women colleagues. Their punishment was a stock reduction.
Employees at hyped surveillance company Verkada were caught surveilling coworkers using their facial recognition cameras. Used the tech to sexually harass them. Employees were not fired. Company valued at $1.6 billion
Employees at Verkada accessed the company's facial recognition system to take photos of women colleagues and make sexually explicit jokes.
#Surveillance Co ⁦⁩ #Verkada Used Own Cameras to Harass Coworkers: “Why are men who sexually harassed female colleagues able to keep their jobs?”
If a group of employees share photos of coworkers and make sexual jokes about them on Slack, how should you deal with them? Unless I'm missing something (and I doubt it), Verkada's response is a huge fail and bad for tech on a larger scale.
Surveillance Startup Used Own Cameras to Harass Coworkers If you think it's a fireable offense, why even give the option of reduced equity to employees?
Surveillance Startup Used Own Cameras to Harass Coworkers