The head of a federal panel that advises the White House on compensation issues resigned on Monday to protest President Trump’s new executive order that could wipe out employment protections for tens of thousands of federal workers.
Early voting began on Saturday in New York and tens of thousands of voters waited hours to cast their ballots with lines stretching for blocks outside polling sites. Latest election updates:
Jared Kushner on Monday seemed to question whether Black Americans “want to be successful.” In an interview with "Fox & Friends," President Trump's son-in-law also accused many social justice protesters of virtue signaling.
a small scoop on my lebron beat: LBJ and Barack Obama have recorded a conversation for More Than A Vote to be debuted this week. it continues Obama's focus on black men ahead of Nov. 3
As New York City voters continue to encounter long lines at the polls, officials call for reform at the city Board of Elections. Story today on the fallout of our investigation of the beleaguered elections agency, with :
18 million watched Sunday night’s 60 Minutes’ presidential and veep interviews, including Trump’s walkout
If there’s one person in Washington who really does play 3D chess, it’s Mitch McConnell
Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In as Supreme Court Justice, Cementing Conservative Majority - The New York Times