Freedom of expression is under greater threat than most realize. When Arsenal star Mesut Ozil tweeted about the persecution of Uyghurs, ⁩China’s broadcasters canceled Arsenal. Arsenal responded by canceling Ozil to get back its Chinese market share.
Soccer star Mesut Özil tweeted about China's detention of Uighurs and then things fell apart. A must read as we see how sports bodies deal with China, from the NBA to the Olympics. Sports IS political — always has been, as would attest.
NYT: "The erasure of Mesut Özil. A year ago, he was one of the Premier League's highest-paid players. Now, after angering China…he has simply vanished…Özil knew the risks…when he decided to offer a…denunciation…of China’s treatment of the Uighurs."
Ten months after he tweeted about China’s mistreatment of the Uighurs, the Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has effectively been erased from soccer.
China's censorship abroad: When Premier League star Mesut Ozil tweeted condemnation of the Chinese government's persecution of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang, Beijing responded by erasing Ozil from television broadcasts, internet searches, and video games.
Is Mesut Özil the Colin Kapernick of the #PremierLeague? Important story on “erasure” after he tweeted about #China’s horrific #HumanRights abuses of Muslims in Xinjiang+complicit silence of world. By +:
“A year ago, he was one of the Premier League’s highest-paid players. Now, after angering China and refusing a pay cut, he has simply vanished.”
Özil’s mistake appears to be less that he had made a political statement and more that he had picked the wrong issue and the wrong country to confront, China.
The Erasure of Mesut Özil This piece is so, so, so good
as with the , did china cancel ’s for protesting the Uyghur genocide? “..he was one of the premier league’s highest-paid players. now, after angering china and refusing a pay cut, he has simply vanished..” #TAGG 🧿
Özil tweeted a denuniciation of China's treatment of its Muslim minority. His club, , "publicly...moved quickly to distance itself from his comments. Privately, it considered punishing him." The club does take political stances — but not on China
Now, THIS is cancel culture
I've always disliked ... Now I detest it.
The Erasure of Mesut Özil
Loosing a good player ⁦⁩ #Management #principles