Student journalist Jared Nally is defending his rights after the president of threatened him with disciplinary action if he continued to engage in basic acts of journalism. Now, Jared is fighting back.
In a meandering, scolding screed that demonstrates shockingly little knowledge of how journalism or the First Amendment work, the president of formally forbade a student from interviewing gov't agencies for the student newspaper. #freepress
At , a newspaper editor is threatened for asking questions, not treating admins w/ "highest respect." We researched what Haskell's Student Rights Office website had to say. It helpfully points out that “[l]orem ipsum dolor ..."
If you’re the president of a university, do not do this.
You’d think twelve and a half years at is long enough to stop being surprised at the sheer chutzpah of some college administrators. You’d be wrong.
TAKE ACTION: Tell Haskell President Ronald Graham to respect freedom of the press
Haskell Indian Nations University's president prohibited a student journalist from recording interviews and interviewing the police and any other government official.