Philadelphia police shot Walter Wallace ten times in front of his mother after she tried to deescalate the situation. He was 27 years old. Having a mental heath crisis should not be a death sentence
Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a twin, father, and son, was shot 10 times by police, said his father, Walter Wallace Sr. A video shows Wallace was at least 10 ft away from the officers when began shooting. His mother begged them not to shoot.
To clarify my initial tweet, which was based on witness interviews, Wallace does walk towards police while holding the knife, video shows. Here’s more information on what unfolded
rather than try to defuse a situation that hadn’t become dangerous, philadelphia police opted instead to execute a mentally-ill man in front of his mother
Philadelphia Police fatally shot a 27 year old Black man this afternoon in West Philly. Two officers fired multiple times, and video shows the man was holding a knife about 10 ft away from the officers when they fired.
Walter Wallace Jr., 27 year old father, shot 10 times by Philadelphia Police in West Philly. Died in hospital. Police say he advanced toward them with a knife. A video from a bystander shows Wallace at least 10 ft away when the officers begin shooting.
Blocks away from my house, a young man was brutally murdered in front of his mother, our community and the entire world. Even if they say it’s “justified” it’s NOT right! #WalterWallace #WestPhilly #BlackLivesMatter #Justice #Enough
The Philadelphia Inquirer reported it. It's been around for 191 years. It's won dozens of Pulitzers. It's widely respected. It's a direct quote from the parents. YOU ARE WRONG.
These killings need to stop. #BlackLivesMatter “He has mental issues," his father told . "Why you have to gun him down?”
“Fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr. prompts heated overnight protests in West Philly”