they’re gearing up for bush v. gore part ii
As fate would have it, I wrote about this exact issue in an article that published minutes before SCOTUS handed down this order. I urge you to read it, because this is the next fight. It's already here. We're staring down the barrel of Bush v. Gore II.
Amy Coney Barrett is about to be confirmed. Once she joins the Supreme Court, she'll find two cases waiting for her that will give her the chance to throw out thousands of (disproportionately Democratic) ballots in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
And perhaps most disturbing of all is Kavanaugh's embrace of Rehnquist's radical Bush v. Gore concurrence, suggesting that when ACB arrives the Court will be willing to stop state courts from protecting voting rights using state constitutions.
Amy Coney Barrett, SCOTUS, and Trump: the first cases coming before the new conservative supermajority.
The solution: vote in such overwhelming numbers as to keep this election out of Amy Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh, Clarence, Gorsuch and Alito’s hands. YOU should pick the president, not them. #VOTE