I will not rest until every pundit who cites Trump’s connection with the white working-class acknowledges that he won fewer votes in Wisconsin than Mitt Romney did.
When folks ask me what surprise Trump might have in store November 3rd... I don’t cite party registration or yard signs. I think of all the Gary Johnson voters who’ve told me they’re coming home and voting straight R tickets this fall.
Don't let the headline fool you. Drawing on a year of reporting and talking with voters in the nation’s most competitive swing states, lays out 16 data points on why 2020 isn't 2016. via
This is good and comprehensive and comforting
I don’t either. But other than the fact it looks nothing like 2016, I guess your take is right.
Folks I think is ever-so-subtly trying to tell us who he thinks is gonna win a week from today.
From ⁦⁩: “from my own reporting, it’s been nearly impossible to find the fabled ‘shy Trump voter’ we heard so much about four years ago.” I agree. Very few people in America are shy about anything anymore. Sadly.
Anyone else in the mood for a hopeful election article this morning?
That ⁦⁩ is smart: One Last Funny Feeling About 2020 - POLITICO
.⁦⁩: All of us—Republicans and Democrats, journalists and party operatives, political junkies and casual observers—are held hostage by memories of four Novembers ago. The bad news for Trump supporters: #2020 is nothing like 2016.
It confirms my priors but this piece is super
A great read. 16 reasons why 2020 is nothing like 2016.
Glad to see this from . He makes a lot of points I've been cautiously throwing out to listeners in the past month for why they can't use 2016 as a template for 2020.