"Every time I miss them, I think of how lousy they were at one stage of their growing up." -- Mort Zwick, 82, on telling his children not to visit during the pandemic.
I feel like I could be friends with this guy. " I really don’t get along with children until they grasp two concepts, fear and bribery." When Will the Children Visit? Not Until There’s a Vaccine
"When will we see you?" Tracy asked. "When there's a vaccine,'' her stepmother replied. Grateful to the Zwicks (Mort, Marla, David, , , Zel) for sharing the strain of separation and the humor that connects them across a pandemic.
Family, Interrupted: When Will the Children Visit? Not Until There’s a Vaccine. via #Covid19 #vaccination
Looks to me like Hot Younger Stepmom could be the one nixing the kids' visits. (And she's probably changing the will, too. Watch your 6, grandkids!)
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