Gender equality update: You've heard that women pay a price in earnings when they become mothers? Well, now men do too.
"Fathers don’t earn more than their childless peers anymore; they earn less. Depending on the variables being considered, in 2018, men with children earned as much as 13% less as those without kids."
The gender wage gap is basically 0 for single, childless 20somethings today. on new study
There is now a "marriage premium" for both men *and* women in their 20s. It's about 6% for women 12% for men And, yes, it is partly @ selection effects. on new study
As of 2018, a majority of later twenty-somethings of both sexes remained single and childless, and that majority had no statistically significant differences in earnings. via
Fathers now join mothers to experience a penalty in their earnings. Fathers earn LESS than their childless peers. on a new study by
The Gender Wage Gap Shrinks, While the Parenthood Gap Grows
“One of the worst career moves a woman can make is to have children,” New York Times reporter Claire Cain Miller wrote in 2014. Now we can add fathers to that statement.
An update on the gender wage gap: Young, single childless men & women = no gap The “marriage penalty” for women gone. Married women now make more “Motherhood penalty” halved in last 40 years, but still a gap “Fatherhood bonus” now “fatherhood penalty”
And this is 1st study I have seen document a "Fatherhood Penalty"-- to the tune of @ 13% --for men (in their late 20s). Could be a sign that today's dads really are engaging on the home front. Fascinating on new study:
Introducing the Fatherhood Penalty: "The Gender Wage Gap Shrinks, While the Parenthood Gap Grows"