This is the saddest list in the history of intellectual life.
I am proud to endorse President Trump for reelection. This list ought to give the diminutive aspiring tyrant a good start for his "Truth and Reconciliation Commission."
I respect that this group, already engaged in the humiliating exercise of compiling a list of “scholars are writers for Trump,” went ahead and asked Dinesh DeSouza to sign.
One or two of these names are mildly surprising. The four misspelled names though... Can you spot them?
This is quite the list.
Proud to join my name to this list of scholars and writers for Trump 2020. Pass it on. (Last name typo will be fixed!)
"Given his astonishing success in his first term..." 😂
Ahmari and D'Souza owning the libs by letting their ideological allies misspell their names