Pfizer revealed that researchers have not yet conducted an analysis of the efficacy of the vaccine it is developing against Covid-19. The announcement is both good news and bad news.
“this is not a Republican #vaccine, or a Democrat vaccine" Damn straight. Kudos for standing up for science.
No news on $PFE #Covid19 vaccine is good news — and bad news on this morning's freakout.
It may take longer than vaccine companies have projected to get a sense of whether/how well #Covid19 vaccines work. Pfizer, which expected to have interim results this week, told investors today their trial hasn't yet undergone its first interim analysis.
Buried lede: "Making educated guesses about what is happening in a clinical trial is normal practice for investors...but not for a general public that is hoping a vaccine will be able to help slow a pandemic. A warning...(investors) are frequently wrong."
No news on 's Covid-19 vaccine is good news — and bad news via