NEWS: SpaceX last night rolled out the "Better Than Nothing Beta" test, revealing Starlink satellite internet service is priced at $99 a month – plus $499 upfront for the user terminal, mounting tripod and wifi router, according to emails seen by CNBC.
SpaceX, in emails to interested customers, says the beta of the Starlink satellite internet service will initially cost $99/month plus a $499 upfront cost ( / CNBC)
SpaceX prices Starlink satellite internet service at $99 per month (plus a $499 startup cost)
Even for non-remote areas this seems like it would be a great backup internet service, especially if you have batteries to run it at your house. Many times when the power has gone out the local comcast connection has gone down on the other end.
Starlink announces pricing for its low-expectations “Better Than Nothing” beta program
Pretty cool for rural Americans. Still a bit slow and expensive for the rest of us, but how many people hate Comcast enough to switch on principle if it’s good enough?