“The decision by Twitter to attempt to shut down the circulation of the New York Post story, which looked bad when it was made, looks even worse now that we have more of the back story and more evidence in view.”
The saga of Hunter Biden is a prime example in how a milder-than-Trump form of corruption pervaded the American elite long before Trump came along, writes , with important people finding ways to get rich in the shadow of the Pax Americana.
If you're seeing tonight's breaking news allegations re Biden family "business" & have an opinion, give us a call 10pm ET @ 416-872-1010 Big Tech may not want you to discuss it, but you can on the radio! A great summary of the issue from
“That capriciousness is a bad sign for the project of harnessing social media giants to filter out disinformation; it suggests that any filter would inevitably feel partisan, partial and obviously reverse-engineered.”
Good to see writing about this issue too. An excellent column from
. with a worthwhile and nuanced piece on the problems that stories like the Hunter Biden one pose for the media (and media critics).
Thoughtful piece here