Twitter employees say Jack Dorsey takes hands-off management to extremes, delegating most major decisions in part so he can pursue personal passions. via
Jack Dorsey isn’t involved in many of Twitter’s major decisions, recently including a move to block users from sharing links to New York Post stories. His hands-off management style is now being put to the test.
Jack Dorsey makes times for everyone from Jay - Z to Twitter's "most infamous right-wing troll." Here's why some think he should focus more on fixing Twitter. Good stuff from
Why is Jack Dorsey taking investing advice from Chuck Johnson?
I can't tell if the highlight of this great Jack Dorsey story is that he discusses Vipassana meditation with Chuck Johnson, or that he tried to put Malala on Twitter's board of directors.
Jack Dorsey is not really a manager at all.
Sorry here's link to WSJ story, which points out that told Johnson he's "“working on [a] path forward,” re: Johnson's Twitter ban (per Johnson).
The weirdest part of this profile is Jack Dorsey's friendship with Charles C. Johnson.