14 voices from the left and right, and from different origins and backgrounds, explain why concern about wokeness and cancel mobs shouldn't drive you to vote for Trump. via
I came out of retirement to write about why I won’t be voting for Trump and why I don’t think people concerned about wokeness (or whatever you want to call it) should either
Non-left, non Trump featuring ⁦
Why 14 Critics of “Social Justice” Think You Shouldn’t Vote Trump via
“It is tempting but misguided to believe that either the populist right or the woke left can achieve a total victory. On the contrary, the two feed off of and exacerbate each other. A vote for Trump is a vote to empower the worst progressive excesses.”
What can I say? I'm in illustrious company here
Yesterday Steven Pinker () urged people not to vote for Trump but one of his arguments is problematic, as I explain below.
Provocative comments from 14 critics of illiberal social justice activism who don't think voting for Trump is an effective way to communicate disapproval of the left.
'Most people want a fairer society and better outcomes for themselves and their fellow humans. They just differ on how to achieve this.' via
Thanks I think to , and for organising this (and everyone else involved). Good job.
I don't have it in me to pay attention to why people focused on shit literally no one cares about think that the sophisticated, contrarian take is to urge people who care about liberalism in a broad sense dating back to the medieval UK to not vote Trump
thx (again) for your predictably and consistently rational and ethical perspective on why our fellow critics of social justice should NOT vote for trump. on behalf of all atheists and secular humanists I'd like to say that you are a godsend!
Why Fourteen Critics of "Social Justice”/woke/identitarian/postmodernist/Critical-Theory illiberalism think You Should NOT Vote for Trump via
Amazing to me that some who have criticized the Left in the name of tolerance, fairness & reasoned argument, have decided that the best choice, to defend those values, is to vote for Trump. Here are 14 cogent voices saying "Think again."
If Biden wins, and Trump returns to challenge him (or Harris) four years for now, will endorse Trump and write a piece about it for ⁦⁩ explaining why he was wrong in 2020.
Why MAGA and ultra-woke ideology are evil twins: my contribution to a symposium on why those who oppose social justice zealotry should not vote for Trump /1
"We cannot push back against irrationalism and illiberalism on the left by embracing irrationalism and illiberalism on the right." "The cure for rage and irrationality is reason and thoughtfulness," and other rational thoughts from fourteen smart people
Powerful statements.
Why 14 Critics of "Social Justice" Think You Shouldn't Vote Trump - Areo
Thoughts on this argument that anti-woke people should vote for Biden? Agree or disagree, and why?
I'm a lot friendlier to social justice activism and theory than many of these signatories, but make the case that even critics should put their worries aside to vote for Biden
Why 14 Critics of wokeism / social media justice ideology (or "SMJI;" Katie Herzog's useful label), incl. , & , Think You Shouldn’t Vote Trump (even if SMJI is repelling you from the political left of center).
Fourteen public intellectuals with a common idea - how long before someone does a Bari Weiss and puts a name on it, making it a thing? I propose: The Intellectual Sweetness and Light Web. 😄