Another “studies” professor masquerading as non-white
I screamed in the Subaru!!! Kelly Kean Sharp: Chicana?. I have watched the unmasking of CV… | by Producingwhiteness | Oct, 2020 | Medium
If campuses are full of white supremacy, why are white people pretending to be non-white, as opposed to vice versa?
Another professor is outed for claiming non-white ancestry?
Bloody hell, looks like another academic who’s invented a minority identity for professional gain. At this rate, we, professors, will be required to list our SNPs on our CVs by the middle of the decade.
Not surprised. There will be more. As long as the incentives exist and it continues to be more comfortable to not be a white student (not having constant accusations of privilege hurled at you). The culture has to change. This isn't complicated.
Another wealthy white academic pretending to be a minority. Sharp-elbowed rich people are massaging their family history for oppressed identities just like they used to do for quarters of nobility. Also, Kean Sharp? *chef's kiss*