don’t ask’ what McKinsey actually did because their role in the review is described in the contract but it is redacted. You pay for it but you can’t read it. When asked to explain, they said they wouldn’t.
Everything you need to know about them...
McKinsey, the NHS and well paid digital gobbledygook Everything you need to know about them
Everything you need to know about them.
What would you do with half a million quid?
Quite why she’s spending half a million of your hard-earned is beyond me.
It doesn’t take half-a-million quid to work that out, nor half-a-million brain cells.
NHSE does the work that creates the numbers... NHSD analyse the numbers and tells us how much we’ve done, what worked, so we can ask do we want to keep doing it and... NHSX find ways to make the work quicker, safer, cheaper and easier to count…
someone needs to tell her today is Wednesday, as she may have trouble with that as well.
half a million quid; Spend it foolishly, you could have a blast. Spend it cleverly, you could do a whole-lotta-good. Spend it like a numpty and you’ll have a shed-load of people saying ‘what the [email protected]*%….’
I think this is a casual use of public money and a wasted expenditure on something the DH is well able to do for itself
how they all make it easier for Mrs England to have an outpatient’s appointment, look after her mum or get a breast-screen.