Industry sources say changes to search in iOS 14 show Apple is stepping up its efforts to build own search tools as Google deal comes under antitrust scrutiny (Financial Times)
How Apple is quietly building out its own search engine, hidden in plain sight when you swipe right from the iPhone’s home screen. Especially important now that its lucrative deal with Google is in the DoJ’s crosshairs. with
FT: Evidence is growing that Apple is going to mount an attack on Google search.
Apple develops alternative to Google search
Very cool if this is true, especially the bit about Applebot's crawl rate increasing.
Apple develops alternative to Google search - choice is always good, but this is one big challenge...
I'm surprised in this day of massive tech conglomerates that both Apple doesn't have a viable search engine and Microsoft doesn't have a viable mobile operating system
Apple is building a search engine to absorb any antitrust shocks to its lucrative deal with Google for the latter to be the iPhone default search engine. In creating a credible search engine, it's also bringing to Google what Android was to the iPhone.