It's easy to guess who someone with a “MAGA” hat or Biden-Harris tote voted for. But Cool Whip or loose eggs? We wondered if it was possible to identify Trump and Biden voters based on what's in their refrigerators. Take our quiz to see how you do 👇
For this presidential poll, we asked an unconventional question: Would you please take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator?
It's nice to see the gradual slide of the New York Times into BuzzFeed c2014 but mainly I'm worried about the sheer quantity of milk in American fridges.
Fascinating social commentary from ⁦⁩, showing that you can guess someone’s voting intentions just from peeking inside their refrigerator. I got 60% right (the Chobani is an obvious giveaway). How did you do?
This is genuinely the most interesting journalistic project i’ve seen in ages. NYT made a quiz where you guess someone’s vote based on their fridge
I'm ashamed of myself for taking this quiz, but also proud that I only scored 60%. I also think would be fascinated by this (the creation of the quiz, not necessarily the results) Can You Tell a ‘Trump’ Fridge From a ‘Biden’ Fridge?
A machine learning model trained with that predicts if someone supports Biden or Trump with 85% accuracy… based on what's inside their refrigerator. Dataset collected by
This quiz will challenge all your assumptions about Trump and Biden voters. Also it’s endlessly fun
If you've always suspected that cultural stereotypes of right-wing and left-wing consumption are exaggerated, turns out you're right (but it's fun to try anyway). Quiz: Can You Tell a ‘Trump’ Fridge From a ‘Biden’ Fridge?
quiz: can you tell a howl of disgust from a wail of existential despair
I guessed correctly 11 out of 13 about you? Quiz: Can You Tell a “Trump” Fridge from a “Biden” Fridge? - The New York Times
Quiz: Can You Tell a ‘Trump’ Fridge From a ‘Biden’ Fridge?
"This person keeps their peanut butter in the fridge and, as such, should be denied their right to vote"
This made me lose six brain cells.
Quiz: Can You Tell a ‘Trump’ Fridge From a ‘Biden’ Fridge? Really fun quiz and useful for teaching about the intersections of politics, consumption, and social status. #soctwitter
This is the content I crave
"The current scores suggest that as a whole, we can’t distinguish people’s politics from glances into their fridges much more reliably than if we just flipped a coin."
This was fun. Not sure what I learned
"You guessed 6 times and got 5 correct, for a score of 83 percent. So far, Times readers have made 2,906,347 guesses, correctly matching refrigerators to a family's favored candidate 53 percent of the time." Amazing, engaging project.
Long Live the Brunswik Lens Model! Classic psychological science, right here folks... Also read incredible 2002 JPSP "Room with a cue..." paper (and many others). Quiz: Can You Tell a ‘Trump’ Fridge From a ‘Biden’ Fridge?