The racial gap in American electoral politics is shrinking, according to pre-election polls. The gap between white and nonwhite voters has dropped by 17 points, as Biden and Trump make equal and oppose gains among white and nonwhite voters
By the polls, racial polarization in the electorate is dropping not just beneath Obama-era levels or 2016 but below the 2004 contest as well.
Trump is attracting minority voters, stunning the left. "The decrease in racial polarization defies the expectations of many analysts, who believed a campaign focused on appeals to issues like Black Lives Matter or law and order would do the opposite."
“Biden’s gains among white voters are broad, spanning not only groups expected to shift toward him — like white suburban women — but also the white working-class voters across the Northern states who represented the president’s strength four years ago.”
The social scientist in me loves contrarian findings like this one.
The Election’s Big Twist: The Racial Gap Is Shrinking - The New York Times
The Election’s Big Twist: The Racial Gap Is Shrinking Racial and ethnic divides? Actually, Biden is making gains with white voters, and Trump with nonwhite ones.