"The climate is often viewed through a narrow, partisan lens — as if it’s just another lefty issue," writes . "But passing a climate plan wouldn’t be a partisan win for Democrats — it would be a win for human beings."
In : "Why can’t we abide an honest discussion about climate change?" asks
The debate gaffe wasn’t Biden’s. It was Trump’s! Climate change is real and causing misery now. Yet the president has no plan to deal with this existential threat. We need a much smarter conversation about the climate My ⁦⁩ column
"The sitting president of the United States has no plan to address the most important problem facing humanity...*That’s* the scandal. That’s the tweet. That’s the headline." ⁦ on 🔥in⁩
columnist makes same argument we make in today's Climate Beat column: the political press has GOT to get better at talking about climate change. Here's ours: And his:
A sizable majority of voters understand the need to move beyond oil ASAP; they will reward candidates who help make that happen. and Purple Dems should be leaning in on this, not ducking and covering. via
Here’s today’s piece. Much more direct but the same story in “Pretend it’s Aliens.” Yes, let’s talk about it. via
Please read. “Climate change isn’t a policy issue — it’s a reality that every other political question hinges on: jobs, tax policy, national defense, and the size and scope of the welfare state. “
There Is Only One Existential Threat. Let’s Talk About It.