For months I’ve followed debates, protests, plans and research around school re-openings. People desperately want science + data to clarify these decisions for us, but there are no easy answers right now. My attempt to explain why
New: Children suffer outside of school, and risk massive long-term harms. While most don't get severely ill, we know kids catch + transmit COVID-19, but we don't know how much. This is one of the most pressing, ethically vexing questions of the pandemic.
This piece from about school safety amidst Covid is a really worthwhile read. It pumps the breaks on the level of certainty we have that "the science says" in-person schooling is totally fine. Since she quotes me, I want to add some thoughts (1/x)
Reading this article (in which I'm quoted near the end), I realized why I have such a strong visceral reaction to some of the negative coverage of 's work on #COVID19 and schools... 1/
There's expert consensus that children, even very young children, catch + transmit COVID-19. There's far less certainty among public health experts about *how much* they do so, and this is making our school reopening discussions a lot more challenging
My piece is critical about some of the more sweeping claims being from 's school tracker, but I in no way fault her and her team for trying to collect data, because we need more and better info. Ideally led by state + federal governments!
Great piece from on the school reopening debate.
What's the matter with widely cited data suggesting that reopening school is low risk? : "It’s myopic. The piece of analysis that’s that Black and brown communities have been disproportionately hit hard by COVID.”
This crystallizes the problem I have with 's argument: it assumes we should optimize for public health, when the whole problem is failing to weigh the other side of the equation, the massive harm to low income families caused by closing schools