This is wild: Juniper had a back door in its gear—placed at the request of the NSA—compromised by a hostile foreign government. NSA informed they wrote a "lessons learned" report after the episode, but now says it cannot locate that document.
Spy agency ducks questions about 'back doors' in tech products
Juniper has never identified the customer who requested it use the flawed Dual EC encryption standard or the hackers who exploited it. But two people familiar with the case told Reuters that investigators concluded the Chinese government was behind it.
Bet you didn't know this. In 2015, a backdoor created by the NSA in Juniper Networks' equipment was discovered and exploited by a foreign government. The NSA went on to write a report on the incident and now claims it lost the report. But just trust them.
New Reuters article on the NSA’s “new” policy around inserting backdoors into commercial encryption systems. A lot in here.
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