NEW: Online, Herman Cain’s death became a punchline and political allegory about Trump & COVID. The actual story, much like Cain's life, is more complicated than that. W/ , on Herman Cain and a family still trying to make sense of what happened
A really lovely and humane piece about Herman Cain, from ⁦⁩ & ⁦
Cain is one of the many Americans who had to face the illness alone in the hospital — in his case, for nearly a month. By the time the family was allowed to come visit to say goodbye, "he was basically gone"
Since my former boss died, I've been overwhelmed with media requests to discuss his life and legacy. I declined all of them - until reached out. I knew she'd tell the truth, be fair and provide a total picture. And her piece proves she did
A few days after Herman Cain returned from Tulsa, he and his daughter got sick. They went to get tested; he fainted. Soon he was in the hospital, alone, like so many people this year. His death, like his life, was more complex than you may have heard.
For better or worse, Cain had a major impact on today's Republican politics, helping to prime the GOP base for a celebrity outsider. This legacy was under-discussed in the wake of his death as all the commentary focused on the way he died
Those close to Cain aren't certain he caught the virus in Tulsa. He had been doing other travel around that time. The "optics" were bad, one former aide acknowledged, but the truth is more elusive
Cain, in his success & failings, didn't quite fit the narratives attributed to him. You've seen the infamous Tulsa pic of Cain maskless. But back in March, he began opening his daily video show by urging viewers to follow CDC rules and take COVID seriously
new, with , a story that hasn't been fully told until now: Herman Cain’s Life And Death Were More Complicated Than That