A few people asked (rightfully) whether this is a real pic, and it is in the sense that Haidt made it and presented it as an earnest contribution to sociology. It has been burnt into my brain for several months now as an indictment of academic sociology.
Membership in a political tribe -> denial of inconvenient truths
I took the screenshot you see above from a YouTube video of one Jonathan Haidt's lectures. It was about a year and a-half ago. Haidt blew my mind. Science denialism on the Left? I literally had no idea it existed. This changed everything for me.
Schitterende uiteenzetting van Jonathan Haidt die ieder die in in relatie tussen politiek en wetenschap geïnteresseerd is echt moet horen.
Jonathan Haidt om varför högern har blivit vetenskapskritisk (pga kraftig vänstervridning sen 1990-talet kopplad till politisk aktivism hos forskare) och att vänstern även de förnekar fakta som strider mot deras heliga värden. "2013 Boyarsky Lecture":
The screenshot in the tweet above was taken from a video of Jonathan Haidt delivering the Boyarsky Lecture at Duke University.