Can Machine Learning Improve Psychotherapy? The New JAMA Psychiatry Paper; Also, Santa Ono on His Mental Illness This week, a look at the new paper on AI & therapy - better care? Also, on his mental illnesss.
Statistically, people with major mental illness have a life expectancy that is decades shorter than those without. Can better heart health help? My new blog: Prevention Works. We consider the on MIs & mortality in people with schizophrenia.
My New Blog: on Why Checklists Save Lives – Except When They Don’t “How could an idea that worked so effectively in so many situations fail to work in this one? The most likely answer... Human behaviour changed but it didn’t change enough.”
How to treat depression? How do we approach suicide? Who is the greatest Raptor of all time? This week, papers from World Psychiatry & . And we talk about basketball & stigma (). with a tip from
My New Blog: Early Psychosis Intervention – Lifesaver? The New Anderson Paper from the "better outcomes..." "less use of the ED, and lower rates of all-cause mortality”
My New Blog: on his Brother, his Life & his Schizophrenia “The story is mine, but the schizophrenia was Donald’s.” We also consider life expectancy in those with mental illness.
Too Few Psychiatrists? This week, we consider the new essay on the gap in access (). Also, on success in depression treatment (Expert Review).
My New Blog: Suicide & the News – the New Media Guidelines for Reporting on Suicide How should suicide be reported in the age of Twitter?
Cutting-Edge Care – Esketamine for Depression (), Digital Psychiatry for Suicide Prevention (), Asylums for All () This week, we consider new developments in psychiatric care.
I weigh in on the digital pill on my blog this week.
A Statin a Day Keeps the Doctor Away? This week, the new paper from , which considers repurposing common medications. Spoiler alert: these meds reduced psychiatric hospitalizations & self-harm in people with severe mental illness.
My new blog: "Doing Bad, Feeling Good?" The new paper on mental illness & the mortality gap.