Ok people, we're talking about our favourite moon inspired songs this morning on What's your pick? Mine has to be this
A different interpretation of “Rocket Man" by Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin. Powerful
Rocket Man: - apparently the official video has been confusing a few people. It's beautiful, though.
Majid Adin is showing his Rocket Man animation-- shivers down my spine (and the Oliver Thompson Theatre is freezing!)
#OTD 4/14/1972: released "Rocket Man" as a single.
Thinking about a flight to Mars while listening to the song, dope!
Elton John - Rocket Man (Official Music Video)
You've heard Elton John's Rocket Man, but have you seen this video of it, created by Iranian filmmaker Majid Adin? He gives the song a whole new interpretation, inspired by being a refugee.
Have a good evening Tweeps. #MoonLanding50
This new music video of Elton John's Rocket-man is a surprisingly moving interpretation of the song's real meaning. I'm not even an Elton John fan, but wow.