A history of philosophy that will take 7 hours and 35 minutes of your time...Let me know if you like it.
OUT NOW! "Turned On: Science, Sex and Robots" by Kate Devlin (Bloomsbury ). Buy in bookshops or at or . Audio book available: #TurnedOn #sexrobots
Check out ep 6 of How not to f*ck up your marriage podcast at to hear me pontificate on actual fairness vs perceptions and the underwear fairy. I also refer to and 's excellent work but fail to mention them by name. Sorry!
Die Paywall ist gefallen. ALLE Podcasts auf Audible sind vorerst kostenlos, damit ihr zu Hause ordentlich was zu hören habt Dazu noch eine ganze Reihe anderer Hörbücher und Hörspiele. #Audible #ZuHauseMitAudible
The Moon of the Crusted Snow audiobook is now available. It's beautifully narrated by the mighty Billy Merasty. He has brought this story to life in such a tremendous way. You can get it here
Benedict #Cumberbatch reading my texts is fantastic . A short extract below. The full text free for 30 days here: . #ListenIn ⁽ʳᵉᵐᵉᵐᵇᵉʳ ᵗʰᵉⁿ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵃⁿᶜᵉˡ 😈⁾
HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY TO ME available on audible for download now and in all good bookshops.
Put down your calculators! Step away from your C compilers! Because TODAY is THE DAY.. DUN DUN DUN.. My audiobook is out!
The audio version of ‘The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity’ is now available on Audible. Read by me. Get it here
October already? My book Psycho-Logical is released THIS MONTH (10-10-19) All about the science of #MentalHealth Why are problems so common?How does medication work (or not)? What's happening in the brain? All this, and more An exclusive
To The Woman - our brand new podcast for #IWD2020 is out today. ⭐️: “Impressive … powerful and vulnerable” ⭐️: “Formidable and game-changing” ⭐️: “Remarkable”.
What a beautiful read about something so devastating! Thank you ⁦⁩ Beautifully written, sad, happy and optimistic. Great to see the positive use of technology as well. A must read for anyone unsure about this horrid disease x #dementia
My book “The Prosecutor” has now been published “If only leaders listened, then our society would be a safer and fairer place” “People living on a shoestring do the hardest jobs without an ounce of recognition until we need them”
Just download this #podcast, it's free. I won't be making another. You'll find out stuff about why #GeorgeFloyd could be murdered in the street by cops; how we've always resisted & why #greorgefloydprotests are an arc of struggle. #InSearchOfBlackHistory
Podcast fans! Do you like podcasts? If you like podcasts, try my podcast From The Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast, which is a podcast. And while some people, perhaps because they're sexually inadequate or thick, say it's an audiobook, it's a podcast.
Cynical Theories is now available on Audible! UK people: US people:
So what I did this morning to counteract the dread was listen to this, the 1964 BBC Under Milk Wood (rerecorded, complete, the older Richard Burton sounding aged in oak). It is devastatingly beautiful.
I HAVE A BOOK OUT TODAY. Plugging the audible version first because I’m dyslexic, love audio books, and hey maybe you have a credit in your account and want a fun adventure story about a gay woman and trans man saving the world from Nazis?
Weirdly, I also have new book on what's causing the rise in depression and anxiety Mine's based on my two decades in neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry though. Also, published evidence Psycho-Logical, an exclusive 10-10-2019
A number of publishers have delayed new books Pleased to say are not 1 of them My book “The Prosecutor” is out 16 April My son & his mate’s new trailer is worth watching, their tune too!
Well it's the big day: My own reading of my own Walking to Aldebaran is now available from Audible. and if I say so myself, it actually sounds all right.
The audio book of my 2016 book The Gestapo: The Myth and Reality of Hitler’s Secret Police is released today as an audio book. Acclaimed actor Paul McGann is the narrator. I’ve heard it. it’s fantastic 👍 Get it here
'For me Recovery is a journey from a lack of awareness to awareness.' #Recovery by Listen now:
VVS Laxman was 1 of the greatest batsman in history. A joyous & elegant batsman on all sides of the wicket. That's why I was excited to chill out by listening to his book. Beautifully narrated, you will be awarded with a plethora of wonderful vignettes!
The audiobook of The Lost Words is released digitally today. The spells are spoken, magically, by , , & & through them field-recordist Chris Watson has woven a natural soundscape. CD coming soon. Audible/sample:
Want to know more about history and politics? Then you should read a proper book. Fancy a laugh at some smutty jokes? Go read Viz. Fancy a combination of the two? Try 'Off the Record'. Now available in audio >>
Listen to Fire and Fury, the book everyone is talking about. #FireAndFury
Listening to book on ⁦⁩. Riveting and disturbing. Buy it in whatever format! Permanent Record Audiobook | Edward Snowden |
Announcing my FOURTH book PSYCHO-LOGICAL On mental health, and how it works (or so often *doesn't* work) in the context of the human brain An exclusive audiobook for . Can pre-order now for release on October 10th, #WorldMentalHealthDay
Listening to book on ⁦⁩. Riveting and disturbing. Buy it in whatever format! Permanent Record Audiobook | Edward Snowden |
My new show is out now. I interviewed ten great people with fascinating stories with all with different situations that had big impacts on their lives including: Eddie Izzard Davina McCall Rory Bremner Munro Bergdoft Alastair Campbell
Funny & VERY topical, THE GOODIES return in The Big Ben Theory for - an hour of fun also starring Joanna Lumley, , and , produced by , directed by moi.
My book is now available on Audible
In 2011, Syrians took to the streets of Damascus to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. 'Burning Country' explores the complicated reality of life in present-day Syria. Listen to it now on Audible
If you fancy an audio book trilogy about an Alien invasion story set in Nigeria, written by Arthur C. Clarke award winning author and narrated by this other dude (me) - Look no further. 👽❤️
Lesley Manville is, quite rightly, getting SO MUCH love for the audiobook of #ThursdayMurderClub. She's just amazing. Available to download here...
My narration of Happy is out today on audiobook, via Audible. 14hrs of me in your tiny ears.
The updated Audible version of 'The Madness of Crowds' is also now available here. This was fun to do....
So! As an addict myself, this is super-exciting! As of tomorrow, you can listen to ‘Why We Get The Wrong Politicians’ as an audiobook. Had so much fun narrating this a few weeks ago - really hope people enjoy it. Order here
So I can tell you at last! The reader of the audiobook for The Windsor Knot is ...... long drum roll ....... SAMANTHA BOND! Here she is doing a bit of Chapter One. (Yes, SB from Downton and Miss Moneypenny. That one.) 😍👑👜🔎💂‍♀️Out today
A note about Rodham in the UK: Digital & audio versions will be available 19 May and print versions will be available 9 July The audiobook is read by Carrington MacDuffie & you can pre-order here
. calls her depression what? Check out what she had to say as part of the #AndThatsOk campaign for #WorldMentalHealthDay >
Audiobook of #TheIrrationalApe is finally out, narrated by myself. Did a fun interview with you can check out here. For some reason, I look high in the picture, let's chalk that down to exhaustion 😅
È on line la decima puntata dei podcast sulle grandi crisi. Questa settimana vi racconto l’ultimo fallimento dell’utopia socialista, quello di Chavez in Venezuela. Su
Eglerio! Tolkien’s BEREN and LÚTHIEN, read my me and my Da and edited by the late, great Christopher Tolkien, is out today. It’s a beautiful tale of love, danger and very large cats. I hope you enjoy it 🎧
The story is about a YouTuber who strikes a Faustian bargain with a tech billionaire to have his every thought streamed through the Internet!
I recently spoke to about #mentalhealth #mindfulness and more for #WorldMentalHealthDay2019 Hear the full episode below:
26.2 hours of laughs, unforgettable stories and comedy legends such as: Mark Watson, Sara Pascoe, Romesh Ranganathan, Rufus Hound and more. Listen today:
Audiobook of The Good Ancestor now available (unabridged). Currently #1 in Economic History and #2 in Future Studies at Audible. Listen deep into the past and future here
What's playing in your Audible app? Discover the Top 10 Most Anticipated releases this week:
Our new #podcast production for , Hysteria, is Pick of the Week. explores what we really mean when we talk about frenzies, fevers, manias and panics – both individually & throughout society. Listen on Audible now -
Even if you're an avid reader, I urge you to get the audio book for The Madness of Crowds. Listening to deliver punchlines as he intended is the experience we all deserve. Try #Audible and get it free
A virtual catch up with my virtual friend Jimmy Carr during isolation – register & listen for free to #LockedTogether, an Original podcast.
Yes. I just released another book. This morning in fact. Have you not bought it yet???
Ricky Gervais is Deadly Sirius Eps 36- 40 Now available for download.
OUT NOW! Body of Proof - a brand new investigative podcast - launched today on
my book seems to be out of stock in most place, but I think I did a pretty good job on the Audible version (and you can also get it for kindle)
Just finished ‘s Out of the Wreckage. Brilliant, powerful, practical - how we get ourselves out of this political mess. Feels like an absolute privilege to have George read it to ya! Audible has it for free: (for 1st timers)
EXCITING NEWS... 's 'The Ape that Understood the Universe' audiobook is now available! Click the link below to listen to an extract and download today #evolutionarypsych #auidobook #evolution
What do you get when , a monk and a neuroscientist team up to write a book? #HowToBeHuman the audiobook is out today:
The Tao of Seneca (volumes 1-3) is an introduction to Stoic philosophy. Think of Stoicism as an ideal operating system for thriving in high-stress environments. Today's #dailydeal:
Our first #LoveAudio clip today is from 's Dear Life. Dear Life is about the vital importance of human connection, by the doctor we would all want by our sides at a time of crisis. Download your copy now:
Looking for a summer listen? 's 'GDP: A Brief but Affectionate History' is now out on audiobook!
Somebody I Used to Know Audiobook by only £1.99 today from #AudibleDailyDeal
Somebody I Used to Know Audiobook by only £1.99 today from #AudibleDailyDeal
A Little History of Philosophy, the audiobook, is only £3 until midnight tonight from ⁦⁦⁩ !
Just listened to your book via Great read!
's Music as an Art published by is now available at . Here is the link:
's Music as an Art published by is now available at . Here is the link:
Hogmanay done. Now long drive back south. Good to have my first audio book for company #Audible
Finished listening to Jonathan Pie: Off the Record (Unabridged) by Jonathan Pie, A.... Try #Audible and get it free
No turkey. No fruit to make a decent pudding. Your children away from home; your husband, father and brothers off fighting. How did Britain celebrate #Christmas during #WW2? Find out in this heart-warming collection of true stories from .
So honoured to be on this list. And if I may add a shameless plug, my biography of #dorothycrowfoothodgkin is (fairly) newly reissued in paperback and as an audiobook
Great news - you can now download the #Civilisations audiobook, narrated by herself!
If you like #audiobooks, I have good news. #PrivacyIsPower is out, and it is read by the amazing ! If you've never heard her voice before, you're missing out. Check it out: #Privacy #Surveillance #Books #Democracy #DataProtection #Data
🎧🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🎧 The first six episodes of the brilliant Mo-Joe podcasts are available to download here 👉 #LondonMarathon #SpiritOfLondon
So excited this is finally up: last year I spent some time with as she made her Cornish language album Le Kov for an Audible documentary. I think you have to subscribe (or sign up for a free trial) to hear it
'How to be Human' by is the only manual you need to help you upgrade your mind. Pre-order now:
Listen to 's new show, 'No Brainer: It's All In The Mind' here
Found a great new book/audio book, recommended for anyone planning on having a conversation: How to Have Impossible Conversations by
Complete and unabridged, an audio version of Little Gold is now available from Audible Why should you give it a go?
My new show is out now.I interviewed ten great people with fascinating stories with all with different situations that had big impacts on their lives including: Cathrine Bohart Amanda Palmer Phillip Pullman Jon Ronson Felicity Ward Loved it
'Storm in a Teacup' by is just £2.99 on today! And it explains why popcorn pops which is something everyone should know.
Look who we caught reading for his upcoming book #BookOfHumans it's ! Find out what he is talking about and Pre-order here!
Pre-order 's No-Brainer: Discover all there is to know about the wonderful intricacies of the human mind and what makes us tick. Check it out here:
I HAVE BEEN AUDIBLED. The book I wrote a story for by is now an properly produced audiobook, with my narrator being one I do not deserve, making my writing sound 1000x better.
“When dad smiled in photographs it usually looked like he was trying not to cry.” I'm adding Adam Buxton’s Ramble Book to the very short list of books that need to be experienced on Audible
This short audiobook is fantastic. Recommended. Addicted to Busy Audiobook | Oliver Burkeman |
This short audiobook is fantastic. Recommended. Addicted to Busy Audiobook | Oliver Burkeman |
Friends in Australia! Tools of Titans is the free "August Editors' Extra" for Audible members—a free monthly listen that Australian members love, chosen by the editors. Offer ends August 3. Get yours here:
Michael is part of a group of scholars using an interdisciplinary approach in trying to understand and illuminate aspects of human nature and human psychology. Great writing, well researched, and a persuasive thesis. A really important book
I highly recommend 's "Entitled" on . A critical look at the patriarchy that taught me how far I still have to go. As a dad to 2 4yo girls, I share Manne's challenges about her child's education. h/t to for recommending it.
Listening to on my morning run. Brilliant insights into living well. Just learned when rejected by the psych department he applied and was accepted into their opera dept and switched later. Very glad you did. Loving this book.
Nice!! It’s on the Australian Site. I have a US account, so I hope it is sold in the US market as well.
I finished listening to The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason (Unabridged) by , narrated by Neil Shah on my Audible app. Very enlightening to say the least. Try Audible and get it free
Late to the party, I know, but finally listening to audio of book. #ClimateAction #ClimateChange Listened to 20% of The Madhou... by .... Try #Audible and get it free
Well, I finally did it! The story of #PeggyLighterman has been brought to life through an audiobook, having passed stringent recording demands. Doing this for charity was a Christmas well spent. I hope that you enjoy listening as much as I did recording🙂
My first project to go live! drama Life Ever After by Carla Grauls. A transhumanist love story. Thanks to and neuroethicist Tom Douglas.
"The Gulag Archipelago" audiobook is available now in the UK () with a forward narrated by me as well as a Q&A with myself and Ignat Solzhenitsyn at the end of the book that I believe you'll enjoy! Who here has previously read the book?
The Ape that Understood the Universe by is now available as an audiobook! Hear an extract on why humans are freaks of nature:
Philosophy in your ears
I have just finished listening to the brilliant "Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense", written & read by . It is the magic wand to economical logic, and well worth listening to. Try #Audible and get it free
Although I have to wait for the hardcopy until next month...just got the audiobook. Happy dance 💃🏻⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ How to Have Impossible Conversations Audiobook | Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay |
Although I have to wait for the hardcopy until next month...just got the audiobook. Happy dance 💃🏻⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ How to Have Impossible Conversations Audiobook | Peter Boghossian, James Lindsay |
Long before she wrote When Harry Met Sally, Nora Ephron was a journalist at the height of the women's liberation movement. As seen in Mrs America! If you want a treat, her collected writings Crazy Salad & Scribble, Scribble are now on audiobooks.
The narrator is Adjoa Andoh and she is always excellent. But the work she does to differentiate between all the charas of the “same” gender is amazing. Very slight tonal shifts, always on point. And she has perfect inflection for the AIs too! Sample here
I’m very fortunate in that the actor Kris Dyer who reads the audio version of A Little History of Philosophy did an excellent job. Are there other good philosophy listens out there?
Looking for something to listen to on your morning walk? A Little History of Philosophy - read by ⁩ ⁦
The Madness of Crowds by . The collapse of a unifying faith-based mettanarrative had led to the fragmentation of identity politics. Brilliantly read by the author. Insightful and amusing. Try #Audible and get it free
Frantically finishing all our renovations before we sell the house was going to be a slog for a barely competent carpenter like me. Thanks for your inspiration, your words, and above all your voice! Already on my second listen! 👍
For #IWD2020 have a new series of letters by women to women that have affected their lives, and I wrote about an incredible teacher. , it’s your mum.
The first 10 members to my main channel (any level) can now claim a free audiobook copy of Fantastic Fallacies! (UK and US Stores Only) The rest will go to my Patrons (any tier) Now available on Audible!
.'s No Brainer is out Oct 10th, and is available for pre-order now! She speaks to experts from a range of fields, including Breathworks Founder Vidyamala! You’ll learn a lot about your brain, and hear a ton of advice on how to use it better.
We are so very excited that 's Audible Original 'No-Brainer' is available to download from today! To find out everything you've ever wanted to know about your brain, make sure you get your copy here: #NoBrainer #WorldMentalHealthDay
Only 4 weeks left until  's #BookofHumans comes out to Audible! Pre-order your audio digital download now!
She recommends “The Scientist in the Crib” [longer listen] by , Andrew Meltzoff, & Patricia K. Kuhl for those who are interested in what early learning tells us about the mind. Listen along here: #AtHomeWithAI
The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene by & myself was published 2 years ago and is even more relevant NOW! US: UK: Audiobook: In Chinese, Korean, Italian, Turkish & soon Portuguese
Want to hear me read my book? There’s an audio version too: #TurnedOn
The only audiobook I immediately want to replay from the beginning. Beautifully written and flawlessly read, I'm confident about my next business move now. "Finished listening to The Passion Economy by Adam Davidson. Try #Audible and get it free:"
Finished this ⁦⁩ - great fun, and well narrated!
And my first audiobook since childhood: the Complete George Smiley radio dramas, by John Le Carre. They are abridged but *they work*. Simon Russell Beale is everything.
Undercover robot is now out on audible #undercoverrobot
a bit older but a tad more accessible
That's pretty old too. If you don't mind me butting in there are some interesting primers on audible now
A Little History of Philosophy - the Audiobook
Hello, Dan! Just finished "The End". Great job, as always. And yes, it sounds every bit as good as the podcast, sometimes even better. Here's the short review I left on
- Wonderful narration, you really brought the book to life! I'm listening to Cosmos on my Audible app. Try Audible and get it here:
In a somewhat surprising development, the audiobook edition of Something Deeply Hidden by is available on Audible UK already. And only £3.47 as I already bought the Kindle edition. Everything’s coming up Milhouse! I also have the hardback 😊
Reading this... should be on the mandatory university reading lists! The Parasitic Mind by Gad Saad, narrated by Jim Meskimen on my Audible app. Try Audible and get it here
Just completed the audio book - “read” while out running. Great read and now working my way through ‘s excellent back catalogue.
Listened to the first episode of Jon Ronson's dark new podcast series about the death of a porn-star. Very interesting so far, and Ronson's good at not making it exploitative, which this sort of thing could so easily be.
"Very very inappropriate and profoundly unhelpful" child psychology experts give their verdict on AI apps that offered psychological help to kids. Part of my new series on #ArtificialIntelligence for
The latest AMA reminded me that The Big Picture audiobook is available in the UK now. On Audible UK And Apple Books UK 👍🏻
Looking for a new non-fiction read to get you home tonight? subscribers, 's #ABriefHistoryOfEveryoneWhoEverLived is in the members-only Audible birthday sale – so for today only, the audiobook is only £3:
Some words in your ear...
Great painting, great hair. I'm getting highlights. Download Recovery on audible
Excuse the bragging... but you wont have read about this in the British newspapers. So, Anyway recently won a huge golden award at an International something or other recently in New York. It's on Audible in Audiobook form for £0.99 for today only!
UK, I have news on the release of Every Tool's a Hammer as an audiobook!!!! It’s now available for pre-order via and will be released this Thursday 5/30
Lovely little audiobook like a chunky piece of chocolate.
The audiobook of Feral has at last been published. I hope it helps you to touch and feel the wild world, even while we are locked down.
If you’d enjoy me tonguing in your ear, the audiobook of A Little Happier is now available from :
Fancy listening to me reading my new book, or for any budding actors hoping for a role in Peaky Blinders and need to polish the accent look no further. Truth to Power on  #TruthToPower
Something to listen to on your walk tomorrow, perhaps?
This is read beautifully by ⁦⁩ - much better than I could have managed.
My first Podcast - ok I’m late to the party!
Audibling for the book of A Little Happier, which is nice, if you like the sound of your own voice, which as it turns out I do. Plus it’s a great way of discovering all the mistakes you made when you wrote it and it’s too late.
A Little History of Philosophy - in your ear.
My next book, LIVING BETTER: How I Learned to Survive Depression, is out three weeks tomorrow. Have just signed a big batch for Waterstones and you can pre-order signed copy here: Or the audiobook here:
HEY Audible are selling A Brief History audiobook for existing customers for £3 as part of their birthday celebrations; 12 hours of me talking about human evolution, sex and death, what's not to like?
PAPERBACK OUT NOW! "Turned On: Science, Sex and Robots" by Kate Devlin (Bloomsbury ). U.K. U.S. or Audio book available: #TurnedOn #sexrobots
Need something to distract you? A Little History of Philosophy ⁦
I had the privilege of appearing as a guest on series 3 of the talk show. Now available on :
Did you know all my books are available as audio books? You can get them via audible and via amazon. You can have my sweet sweet tones in your ears any time of day and night.
Excited to say that the audiobook for my therapy guide TALK YOURSELF BETTER is now available - narrated by me and ! It took four days to narrate, so should be called TALK YOURSELF HOARSE or CROAK YOURSELF BETTER. Get it free with a trial here
Birth of #NoBrainer is 10 October. I am dilating big time.... //
I’m really pleased that the #audiobook of is out. I enjoyed narrating it (14 hours of recording). #audible #book #economics #GreatEconomists
Some words in your ear...
This outstanding book on Germany under Hitler by is now out on , read by Paul McGann. No better way to spend a rainy day. (PS it’s volume one, so there will be more !)
If anyone with lived or professional experience wants to listen to my audiobook- a fictionalised account of an older person living with alcohol addiction, I still have free copies of my Audiobook #catchmewhenifall, DM me. You can listen to a sample here.
I can say without boasting that I am definitely well-read...
Am told my audio recording of Happy is doing well - thanks to all who have been buying it. To all those who can handle my instrument, it’s a pleasure to tickle your holes. 😒🙄
Ein aktuelles Podcast von mir im Gespräch mit Jörg Thadeusz gibt's in der 2. Staffel von brand eins - Das Gespräch!
In Search of Black History with Bonnie Greer - really good podcast series - free if you are an Audible member. Learning so much from it - not least about changing perspectives on history
Really recommend this podcast series. It’s through Audible so free if you are a member and if you aren’t, you can get a free trial
I am beyond excited to be able to announce that you can now listen to "The Currency Cold War" as an audiobook via woo hoo!
Can't recommend Will's work highly enough. And if you like audiobooks, get the Audible version. has the best reading voice of anyone I can think of (with the possible exception of ).
Only for today, you can buy the audiobook of 'Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression - and the Unexpected Solutions' (by - tough cough - me) for £1.99 on It's been rated 5 stars by its listeners
My audiobook is out too! Read by me! Made my jaw hurt from all the speaking!
Delighted to see my Little History of Philosophy audiobook (read by ) at no. 6 in the bestsellers chart today... (presumably boosted by the sale)
Looking for a way to pass the time on a rainy day? Try A Little History of Philosophy - read by
Audiobook aficionados! Storm in a Teacup is today's Daily Deal, at only £2.99 until midnight. Friendly physics delivered directly into your ears!
I’m currently listening to this introduction to Judaism course/book on Audible because I realised how detached I had become from my own culture. It’s very good if you are interested in learning more about Judaism and Jewish people.
Am listening to Deborah Orr's Motherland and nodding away at her affectionate, eagle-eyed descriptions of the 70s smalltown Scotland I also grew up in. It's brill.
I am beyond excited to be able to announce that you can now listen to "The Currency Cold War" as an audiobook via woo hoo!
The National Populism audio book is out today. Free with an Audible trial () otherwise £19.99 ()
I have been listening to this brilliant audiobook by . I'm embarrassed to say I thought I knew a lot, & had thought a lot, on this subject, & it's made me realise how little I had actually properly absorbed & contemplated. So powerful
My new baby - the Audible Original, 'No-Brainer', is out today! It's filled with everything you've ever wanted to know about your brain; how to upgrade it, tame it, and learn to live happily ever after with it. Get it here: #nobrainer
Birth of #NoBrainer is 10 October. I am dilating big time.... //
Some words in your ears...
Need some distraction? Try this!
In today's smallest piece of news, the listing for Doctor Who and the Zarbi has the wrong author: it should be Bill Strutton, not David Whitaker.
Finished reading The Citadel. If you want to read about a different type of social justice-one applied to addictions services for older people-do consider reading my book #catchmewhenIfall. Also based on my experiences. Paperback out soon. Audiobook here
I’m thrilled to share an extract from 12 Rules for Life, read by me, available on Soundcloud () and Audible (). #ListenIn with Penguin
The book is, The Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene, by me and US: UK: Audiobook: Also Chinese, Korean, Italian, Turkish translations so far.
Let's do lunch? I just earned a badge for lunchtime listening, so ... probably not. Join in the fun with a free ...
A chance to listen to my book - Shooting History - for free! Or to buy very cheaply!
I was really happy to contribute the introduction to this new audiobook from , in which a whole bunch of wise experts give advice on staying mindful and focused in uncertain times – do have a listen if you can!
If you don’t want to lug your copy of A Little History of Philosophy to the beach, you can always download it from ⁦⁦
This new audiobook is quite lidderally packed with practical wisdom on how to live & thrive in uncertain times, plus there's an introduction by me for people who like that sort of thing
Antisocial by ⁦⁩ is an excellent read for anyone who better wants to understand shitposting culture, the contours of the new/alt right, and how easily people fall down racist rabbit holes online.
You can also get the audiobook, and listen to my Scottish accent for a solid 8.5 hours. Who wouldn't want this???
For those who prefer the audiobook, it's here on Audible - and you can now hear a sample of my calming Scottish audiobook voice (or at least, that's what I was going for)
I hadn't anticipated #lockdown when I recorded my own audiobook but have faith in it as a cultural and political narrative of social justice for mental health and alcohol addiction. All Royalties from the week of recording go to Charity not into my pocket🎙️
📖 Everyone should have a read or listen to this book: The Secret Barrister by The Secret Barrister - just a terrifying insight into our current justice system!
Kris Dyer’s narration of the version of A Little History of Philosophy is excellent
You know, you can listen to 'me read my books - even #HowToBeHuman, on . There are some free samples here too...
You know, you can listen to 'me read my books - even #HowToBeHuman, on . There are some free samples here too...
Graham Greene's excellent novel The Quiet American, read by the wonderful Simon Cadell, is today's £1.99 offer to Audible members.
Enfin, endlich, at last ... a long time in the making, once postponed, oft rewritten, but finally a printed copy exists. Out 3 weeks today - for signed copy Or the audiobook here:
You can also get it on Kindle and at
This outstanding book on Germany under Hitler by is now out on , read by . No better way to spend a rainy day. (PS it’s volume one, so there will be more !)
Listening to the version of The Sandman and it is mind-blowing. Amazing production & performances - an entirely new dimension on a story I've loved for most of my life.
Wondering which audiobook to buy with your ⁦⁩ credit? Try this.
Bobiverse book 4 has just been released on Audible thanks and for the heads up!
Don’t you just love technology? No more book defacing for me, from now on I’m all about the bookmark. Join in th...
Let's do lunch? I just earned a badge for lunchtime listening, so ... probably not. Join in the fun with a free ...
Audiobook Lover: I've completed 10 audiobooks this week.
Time for an intervention - this hoarder now has 50 audiobooks in their library. Join in the fun with a free Au...
I've told you about my audiobooks so much they've just given me a badge. Which I'm telling you about.
Finished listening to The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times t... by .... Try #Audible and get it free
This audiobook of my A Little History of Philosophy is really well done - the actor who reads it, Kris Dyer, is excellent.
People who have listened to my audiobooks often ask for recommendations for their next one. This memoir by is heartstoppingly good & inspiring & amazingly read
Listening to #BecauseInternet by and really enjoying it! - reminds me of our conversations about y’all & all y’all from Singapore!
Proud to have written and recorded a letter about my first proper friend, the amazing Anna, for the wonderful new series To the Woman. It’s presented by , recorded by and launches today. #HappyInternationalWomensDay
Not sure I knew about this. Vanity search on Audible reveals an audio-book of my The Human Right to Health read by an American man with just about the right blend of anger and world-weariness.
Bona! The Complete Julian and Sandy is part of Audible's BBC 2-for-1 sale for members right now.
For all you audiobook fans, this just out: written and narrated by my fellow Monmothian Paul Feldwick.
Another great place to start is this totally superb book by - I am nearly finished the audiobook
A Little History of Philosophy - the audiobook
Some words in your ear...
Very good audio book
Welcome to Victorian Secrets. 12 fascinating episodes which explore the weird and worrying ways of Victorian Britain. Available exclusively on Audible, free with your 30-day trial:
A Little History of Philosophy Audiobook | Nigel Warburton |
A Little History of Philosophy Audiobook | Nigel Warburton |
A Little History of Philosophy - the audiobook...
Working my way through 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Yuval Noah Harari always makes me think. Listened to 75%
Re-listening to Free Will by Sam Harris. Because I have no choice.