Amazing how many times we need to keep saying this... *No*, there is not record high (land or sea) ice at the polar caps h/t: Graphics:
A reconstruction of late-summer #Arctic sea ice extent over approximately the last 1,500 years + Figure reproduced from + Overview: + Download at
Change in land ice mass - GRACE satellite (through early 2017). Looking forward to GRACE-FO & more incredible data!
Change in land ice mass measured by GRACE satellite in Antarctica and Greenland. Looking forward to data from GRACE-FO to extend the record! Methods can be found from at . My graphic can also be downloaded at .
100 years of September sea ice... My animation has been updated to the new version 2 of the Walsh et al. data set (h/t: ). Total data available from 1850 through 2017. + Summary of data: + Download this graphic:
Daily #Arctic sea ice extent and its anomaly (departure from average) over the satellite era... Still versions at:
Change in land ice mass measured by GRACE satellite (now updated through mid-2017). Looking forward to GRACE-FO & more incredible data! Data and methods can be found from at . My graphic can be downloaded at .
GRACE satellite data show av annual ice sheet loss by gigatonnes in 15 yrs: Antarctica 127; Greenland 286 pic
Similar picture as last January - we are currently near or at record low sea ice extents in both the #Arctic and #Antarctic [Graphics: , Data: ]
Changes in annual #Arctic sea ice extent (left) and volume (right) during the last 40 years... Graphic:
In addition to changes in wintertime #Arctic sea ice extent, there is a clear long-term declining trend in total sea ice volume (with some year-to-year variability) + Data: + Graphics:
Arctic sea ice and #dataviz ❄️💻📉 Satellite data goes back to 1979. But we can also picture the state of the ice in the distant past. And that helps understand #globalwarming Find out how ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ (📊)
100 years of September sea ice... Happy #ArcticSeaIceDay! + Data [1850-2013]: + overview: + Graphic download:
Changes in #Arctic sea ice over the satellite era (yearly averages)... + Download graphic:
In keeping with this graphic theme today, here are daily Arctic sea ice extents and their anomalies - through December 2017. Available at
Visualisations of land and sea ice change by including several to 2017.
Both #Arctic and #Antarctic sea ice extents are currently more than 1 million km² below average (anomaly) [daily data]... Graphics:
Checking in with #seaice... both the #Arctic and #Antarctic are more than 1 million km^2 below average [daily extent data] [Graphics: ]
Both #Arctic and #Antarctic sea ice extents have remained below average all year. Their combined departure is nearly 2 million km² + Graph: + Data:
Evolution of July's #Arctic sea ice volume during the last 41 years (2019 is the lowest)... + Download graphic: + Data information:
Daily #Arctic sea ice (left) and its normalized extent (right) now updated through all of 2018. What trends do you see? Graphics available at . Data from the consistent passive microwave satellite record.
Daily #Arctic sea ice extents - look for different temporal patterns... Figure: Data:
Variability and long-term decline in September #Arctic sea ice thickness (upper) & volume (lower). ---> September 2019 was the 2nd lowest Arctic sea ice volume on record. + Data available from + Other visuals: