Texans mind. 1 in 4 Texas jobs depend on trade with Mexico. Nearly 1 million jobs in our state are linked to trade with our southern neighbor. Last year alone, Texas had $97 billion in exports to Mexico.
The Police Commission voted 4-0 to release #bodycam and #dashcam video within 45 days. This won't guarantee public trust in the agency's transparency and accountability, but it is a step in the right direction.
A great first step against quacks who pray on patients’ desperation: “Jury awards $105 million in lawsuit against pH Miracle author” via
The mob is loud, but the majority is silent. The majority is what wins.
Jared Kushner’s father said ethics watchdogs are “jerks.” If fighting government corruption makes you a jerk, we’re happy to wear the title.
My book is the #1 bestseller in St Louis independent bookstores. Thank you #STL, and readers, always support your local vendors!
France defends anti-terrorism strategy after attack by man on watchlist...
Earlier today, President Trump finally approved a major disaster declaration for the California wildfires, which will provide survivors with federal aid.
MD group led by animal-rights activist Neil Barnard has now convinced Geico to go vegan. No links to the studies cited here, but note that pretty much every diet that limits desserts, junk food will show short-term health improvements.
“The wealthy may not have as much as they want, but they have much more than they need. It shouldn’t embarrass us to expect them to pay more. A more equitable distribution of wealth would be good for everyone, probably even the wealthy.”
Trump administration's census plan would hurt California, state officials say: Can it be stopped? SLS professor discusses this issue with
"It’s not healthy for America’s economy when our largest businesses focus on satisfying lawmakers as much as customers, but it’s the reality." #AmazonHQ2
Apparently, they didn't want it to end there... (tight race for second in CA-Gov open primary between Republican John Cox and Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa.)
Dems should propose the corporate tax reform plan. How bout it ?
"Solar panels will save homeowners an average of $19,000 over 30 years." 👏
"Solar panels will save homeowners an average of $19,000 over 30 years." 👏
Ocasio-Cortez blasts capitalism as 'irredeemable' system...
'Mexico opened 2,599 homicide investigations in July —the most ever recorded in a month' 31,174 people murdered in 2017. "Killings have been rising steadily in Mexico since 2015 as increasingly fragmented criminal groups battle for control..." #WarOnDrugs
"It’s not healthy for America’s economy when our largest businesses focus on satisfying lawmakers as much as customers." & in papers nationwide. #AmazonHQ2
Accused ‘Jihad Jane’ recruiter to plead guilty to terrorism charges via
An editor at The Virginian-Pilot newspaper who was harassed for years by the man charged in the killings of five journalists in Maryland received a letter Thursday that police believe was sent by the suspect.
Rain pelts Northern California, flooding the Merced and Truckee rivers: Bristol Herald Courier
“There is a lot of hype around Uber and the gig economy. But in any conference on the future of work, Uber and the gig economy deserve at most a workshop, not a plenary.”—
ELI LAKE: Popular as it may be in Washington, this theory has it backwards. Bolton’s antipathy toward Iran is well-known and longstanding, but the current administration strategy is not aimed at starting a war with Iran. It’s designed to avoid one.
Commentary: Court should end excessive fines on kids via
Join me in supporting J.D. Scholten via A better alternative to Steve King
Immigrants not only allow existing businesses to expand, but they also give natives more jobs to choose from. Instead of taking jobs away from natives, immigrants are creating them! Another from piece from
Absolutely not! Cernovich media sued to get these records and we will not tolerate efforts to ban the press!
Call it a wall, call it a fence -- needing a border barrier in the Rio Grande Valley.
Trudy Rubin: I’ll be traveling to Moscow as tensions with Russia over Syria heat up via
Wow thanks so much for all of the support for The Blue Collar President!
People seem incapable of making distinctions: “School district announced it would erase the mural after a group of Korean activists complained, objecting to the sun rays in the background because it reminds them of the Japanese imperial battle flag.”
To curb rising health insurance costs, some states try ‘reinsurance pools’ via
Separating families at the border was more widespread, began earlier, records show
Part of the reason is that higher temperatures from higher CO2 & global warming increase ozone pollution in already-polluted air. The war on Southern California smog is slipping. via
Inserted phrase "EDITORS: STORY CAN END HERE" a highly useful reader cue. Encourage more publications to adopt. via
‘Hitler was right’: KC area winner of Missouri House primary leaves trail of bigotry #moleg
Kate Spade’s ‘heartbroken’ father, 89, dies night before his daughter’s funeral
#Reparations for slavery is finally entering the political mainstream following ' 2014 "The Case for Reparations" essay in The Atlantic, says & professor Thomas Craemer.
Nelson Mandela’s letters detail his 27 years as the world’s most famous political prisoner
NRA, in legal battle with NY governor, claims it’s facing financial ruin
LA County deputy’s deposition describes #tattooing of exclusive society of lawmen, a red flag for watchdogs MT #police #policing #PoliceMisconduct
Abortion ‘abolitionists’ drop cards in ATMS, gas pumps and diapers at a supermarket in the Philly area via
Alex Jones accused of destroying evidence in Sandy Hook defamation case
Remember last year’s deadly flu season? Well, there’s some good news this year
Johns Hopkins performs world’s first ‘total’ penis transplant
Barbara Bush’s end-of-life decision stirs debate over ‘comfort care’
Worth reading: Washington State to decide on carbon pricing
In what has become a source of much concern in a state prone to droughts and water shortages, the vast majority of rainwater in California's urban areas flows into storm drains and is eventually lost to the Pacific Ocean: #CAwater #water
Gre,at to know states are doing what the feds are can not! New state laws highlight an escalating battle in the war over drug pricing | National |
Thrilled to see SPYMASTER at #4 on the bestseller list
Wonderful to see the SPYMASTER paperback at #3 on the bestseller list:
“Officials at the San Diego County Fair closed public access to all animal areas, including the petting zoo..The source of the E. coli bacteria remains under investigation, but all the children reportedly visited the animal areas or petting zoo”
"Republican voters, by contrast, more closely reflect the demographics of an earlier, mostly white, Christian America." via
“this would raise concerns that (Homeland Security) would be replacing BioWatch with an even less reliable system, with the risk of state and local authorities being burdened with responding to more false positive results.”