Help us by testing the scikit-learn 0.20 release candidate! Install via "conda install scikit-learn=0.20rc1 -c conda-forge/label/rc -c conda-forge" from conda-forge or with "pip install --pre scikit-learn " from pypi!
I love using this figure from the #sklearn website to explain #machinelearning to students. Illustrates nicely how ML works and how performance varies across diff data sets. #datascience
if you are new to machine learning and actually serious about adding value across a wide range of real business problems then i suggest you spent a lot of time with before you worry too much about tensorflow or pytorch
links from Monica #pyastro18 Notes on machine learning: Useful library Useful package Useful ML textbook with examples: Example notebook with solar data:
Great website to learn #MachineLearning in #python, #AI, ,
... now extrapolate that to something like , and just imagine how many developer-hours went into it!