Before we jump into a second referendum, we need to see details of the 40 trade deals Liam Fox promised would be good to go on March 30. Only then will we know if the Brexit we were promised was a fantastic opportunity or a fanatical fraud.
I thought it would be useful to remind everybody that at 23:00:01 on 31st January, there will be 40 free trade deals signed. And that's a promise! A promise made by the people that brought you #Brexit.
‘Not counting weekends’?
This has the whiff of Romney's "binders full of women" to me — doubt Fox has people queuing up to sign deals w/ him
Liam Fox claims UK will grandfather 40 EU free trade deals in time for Brexit in 2019 and rubbishes doubters...
Liam Fox promises to sign 40 free trade deals second after' Brexit with Maldives cook island via
Remember when Liam Fox promised voters that the UK would sign 40 free trade deals as soon as Britain left the EU? 'All these faint hearts saying we cannot do it - it's absolute rubbish.'