Why the world shouldn't forget about Qatar. Piece for .
Qatar's World Cup 2022 workers are "building mausoleums, not stadiums". Terrific piece by
Didja know Qatar has more slaves than it has citizens? Did you know the FIFA world cup will be held there in 2022, and the stadium and surrounding building, all made by slaves. All the big celebs will be there, smiling, bling'd...
Seriously good and v. powerful piece of writing from . World Cup being built on slavery & exploitation
"World Cup 2022: Qatar's workers are not workers, they are slaves...We have been anaesthetised to the depressing nature of news coming out of the Middle East, but we can't be allowed to forget what is happening in Qatar"
In answer to your question, bro, this makes excellent reading
this sucks. fifa sucks. the world cup sucks.
The 2022 World Cup is a tournament being built on a graveyard of human bodies |
Slavery existed throughout all of human history, and it still exists in Qatar. But y’all hate Israel without saying shish about Qatar?
Slavery still exists in Qatar, but you won’t hear a peep about this in U.S. media.
How is that Qatar money treating you? Are you OK with your owners enslaving people?
Qatar has made some improvements for migrant workers on World Cup construction sites, but what about for the rest?
Qatar seems like a nice place, doesn’t it?
#Qatar2022: workers are not workers, they are slaves, and they are building mausoleums, not stadiums
I never grow weary of Qatari monarchy organ Al Jazeera & AJ+ & their other "woke" subsidiaries' grave concern about contemporary US racism & LGBT+ rts. They're just very, very concerned abt injustice & human dignity. ... (Ditto RT, btw.)