Containing almost 7000 proteins, this giant virus capsid from Michael Rossmann published is certainly the largest in this week's PDB release at
316 new entries in the #PDB this week. This structure of the #COVID19 spike protein, a key vaccine target, shows an interesting dimerised form of the usual spike trimers (7jjj). Solved by / & on . View all new entries at
Today's list of new structures in the PDB is dominated #cryoEM reconstructions of 13 rotational substates of the F1-Fo ATP synthase from et al from published showing details of how the motor rotates
This week's #PDB release has 265 new entries, including this atomic-resolution structure of HIV-1 capsid tubes, solved by Magic Angle Spinning NMR (). Find all the new entries at
There are 246 new entries in the PDB this week, including this #cryoEM structure of the Helicobacter pylori Type IV secretion system (6x6k). To view all new entries in the PDB, visit
This Ebola antibody from the group neutralises all 5 strains of Ebola. It's published and is one of the new structures out today at
Sometimes a protein structure could be in a stained glass window. This COMM domain published would fit right in. It's one of the new structures today at
230 new entries in the #PDB this week, including this #COVID19 main protease bound to leupeptin (6yz6), a naturally occurring protease inhibitor from actinobacteria. The work of colleagues at . View all new PDB entries at
This week's #PDB release has 293 new entries, including this nsp9 replicase protein structure from #COVID19, involved in replication of host RNA and thought to be important in RNA binding. Find all the new entries at
A molecule to help plants resist drought? This agonist bound to the abscisic acid receptor published in is one of the new structures today at
How snail toxins could treat pain. This structure, published is one of over 200 new structures today at
There are 217 new PDB entries this week, including this atomic resolution (1.22A) cryoEM structure of apoferritin (7a4m), solved by & . Find all the new PDB entries at
Asthma drug salmeterol makes it's PDB debut today bound to it's target beta2 adrenergic receptor. Published it's one of the new structures available today at
Cannabidiol, the non-psychotropic, therapeutically active ingredient of cannabis arrives in the PDB today. Published by , , et al it's one of the new structures at
How do plants know to flower when winter is over, and how are seedlings synchronised with this? Transcription factor structures, described , are part of the story. Released today in the PDB at
This ribosome from #NobelPrize winner Ada Yonath in is one of the 171 new structures at today
A bumper PDB releasse today with 311 new structures at . This antidiabetic drug lobeglitazone bound to its target is one of them, published
Some bovine antibodies have very long loops in the antigen biding site. This structure of one of them from the Crowe lab published is one of the new structures today at