A senior Facebook executive has privately admitted Mark Zuckerberg “doesn’t care” about publishers and warned that if they did not work with the social media giant, 'I’ll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a ­hospice'
China threatens Australia with "consumer-led" trade boycotts through Australian journalists transported to China by Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs
UK Govt says the term “pregnant woman” should not be used in a UN treaty because it “excludes” transgender people
Portal set up at the University of Sydney where students can make complaints about one another committing sexual assault and/or harassment under anonymity. What could go wrong 😑
China has refused to issue visas to some Australian govt officials & business leaders who had planned to attend the Boao Forum next week.
China convinces UN Human Rights Council to support Xi Jinping’s core rights concept: that it should pursue “a community of shared future for human beings”.-sponsors of motion incl. Syria, Cambodia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Egypt, Myanmar, Burundi & Eritrea.
This world population animation shows Asia's growth stopping in a few decades
BREAKING: In furious statement Chinese embassy in Oz accuses Australian politicians and officials of undermining “mutual trust” #auspol
Ex-Muslims are the most oppressed people on earth, facing prison and death, so why is the West so wary of giving them a voice?
Germaine Greer on being uninvited the Brisbane Writer's Festival: “to be uninvited to what is possibly the dreariest literary festival in the world, with zero hospitality and no fun at all, is a great relief.” 😂
Breaking news from the world of science... Man has landed on the moon... Water is wet... The sky is blue... The planets revolve around the Sun... ....oh, and there’s nothing wrong with cheese & red meat...
Red meat, cheese back on menu
The Oz has it right: “We should not be rattled by China’s volley of invective. Defending the integrity of our democracy from foreign interference goes to our bedrock values. And respectful, constructive relations with China serve our national interests.”
Harrowing accounts of torture, rape & murder of South African farmers. Must read piece from Paul Toohey
Four arguments against suicide (for the suicidal):
#Map shows the Great Wall of #China. I had no idea that the wall was built over such a long period of time. Source:
#BREAKING: Popular support for the Coalition has crashed to the lowest levels in a decade #Newspoll
Let's get this straight: encouraging inclusiveness & tolerance is a worthy & noble goal. The policing speech for ideological reasons is not.
Exclusive: ABC to close website accused of complying w the Chinese government's censorship regime as they review overseas broadcasting
Norwegian salmon (2010), Philippines bananas (2012), Korean department stores (2017), Australian wine (2018) - the PRC uses trade to punish those who disagree with its policies and behaviour. Comply or suffer, is the crude message.
Congratulations ! We'll miss having you in Washington, but will be excited to be able to come visit you in your new job!
China Daily ­has accused Turnbull of “pandering” to “anti-China bias” in justifying the new interference laws
Back pain treatment is useless, experts tell The Lancet
‘The big sugar companies act much like the tobacco industry did 40 years ago.’ #cdh
I strongly urge anyone concerned about the future of freedom in the world--not just in Australia--to read Silent Invasion: China's Influence in Australia. Europe, Canada, Japan and US must learn from this experience.
. has done some excellent reporting on the damage IS has done to Australian families | via
Australia sets up its Counter Foreign Interference enforcement team
Barclay again. 'Pasta is fine. Watch out for the cheese!' 🤦‍♂️ No mention of the COI. Funding by Barilla pasta et al!
Gucci has pulled a wool sweater from its stores after complaints that its design resembled blackface makeup
Canadian PM Justin Trudeau infuriates world leaders, embarrasses host nation, after failing to show up to a crucial meeting to salvage the TPP #APEC2017
If you’re an ultra-right attention seeker then it’s “cheeky” to say a city should be nuked, according to the ⁦⁩ . If anyone else says it, you’re a terrorist and the paper will camp on your doorstep for months.
Astonishing. Mark Burgess, chief of the Australian Police Federation representing more than 60k police officers, has called on the Turnbull government to urgently legislate to outlaw investigators from accessing the #MyHealthRecord system without a warrant
The patronising idiocy of climate deniers is contemptible. As a former Federal Education minister I applaud the many courageous young Australians who will be out in force tomorrow. #ClimateStrike ‘Climate kids mere pawns in a bid to undermine capitalism’
UPDATE: The incident in Melbourne that sent several people to hospital is believed to be the work of a mentally ill drug addict.
Which B grade journalist earning $357k attacked SPC factory workers as "overpaid"?
Sir Billy Connolly has admitted he is 'near the end' and his life is 'slipping away', as he spoke about his fight with Parkinson’s disease
The best general #career advice I can come up with is to get educated. #Education pays off. The higher your degree the more money you earn. Over the course of a career this easily adds up to seven digits! Source:
Malcolm Turnbull will step aside and back Scott Morrison for the leadership, Sky News is reporting #auspol #libspill
New: Beijing has issued a fresh call for Canberra to sign up to the Belt and Road Initiative and suggested Australia team up with China to push back against Donald Trump’s “unfair” attacks over trade
This is quite significant in the overall debate about Chinese Communist Party influence in Australia: Confucius programs face axe
The AMA has requested the Government urgently seek advice from the Department of Health and the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman as to the legality of ’s actions
Australian University caves to activist pressure and cancels endocrinologist's speech. Dr is critical of "transing" children because of the dire medical implications. On campus a "victory rally" is being held. (Also Animal Farm published this day 1945).
The “We” and “We Australians” in this article are white. We Indigenous Australians have many more questions about your being here & been asking them since 1770, at least. BTW there have been non white settlers here since the First Fleet
“All night I have to fight with my nightmares”: Sydney mother says her five brothers are in “re-education” camps in Northwest China
"The company yesterday said it was moving “beyond diversity” to build balanced teams where all workers felt a sense of belonging."
Australian farmers would “hate” to see the new Trans-Pacific Partnership renegotiated to allow the US to enter, and say America’s absence benefits local agriculture
Labor to push for more gov & defence programs in the Pacific, saying Aus is in danger of taking our role for granted as China expands their presence
Me in the Oz today: "Echo chambers on campus give rise to extreme views, which is bad for scholarship and bad for those students who would like to leave university with a well-rounded education."
In essence, the world is slipping back into an ice age after a balmy 10,000 years
An imam who conducted a marriage ceremony between a 14-year-old girl and 34-year-old man has faced court over the matter
"Sam Dastyari has denied reports he passed on classified security information" - but this wasn't the claim at all.
The Australian, on how the Krauss-Dawkins tour of A&NZ is still on, despite the serious allegations faced by Krauss. need to break their silence -- and they knew Krauss's rep and the risks of media coverage when they booked him...
Is Coca Cola in the business of preventing obesity, or delivering a profit to shareholders? I discuss here. #rethinksugarydrinks #tippingthescales
Prof John Fitzgerald - "In light of ANU’s principled withdrawal from the Ramsay negotiations, all universities that host Confucius Institutes need to reconsider, and if necessary renegotiate, the terms of their agreements."
US acting ambo in Canberra warns of PLA ties at Australian universities, explored by and me in October:
#DietitiansAssnAustralia defends sugar, via its Spokesman #DrAlanBarclay's Australian Paradox fraud (recently expanded into #AJCN) Co-author #ProfJBrandMiller & DAA helped sugar-industry's #BillShrapnel attack in 2012: #4corners #auspol
Beijing’s veiled threat to Shorten: “It would be a shame if Chinese government representatives had to tell the Chinese community in Australia that Labor did not support the relationship between Australia and China.”
Australian government to reinstate economic sanctions against Neil Prakash, weeks ahead of Turkish court ruling on whether he will tried locally or in Victoria | for
Excited to join in providing AUD $50 million to help scale up a powerful innovation - a "probiotic" for mosquitoes - that could protect current + future generations from Zika, dengue and other mosquito-borne viruses.
claims multiculturalism in Australia will fail unless 50 per cent of the population believes in western culture
Sydney Uni urged to return Chau Chak Wing’s $15m donation after bribery claims
Media & police are now saying the men were “mentally ill drug addicts”... Who just happen to be Muslim too but they leave that little detail out. Aussies don’t believe a word of this sh*t and won’t stand for it anymore.
An institution which systematically covered up the rape and molestation of children says it needs to discriminate against teachers in loving, same sex relationships to strengthen “the moral fiber of the country.” God strike me.
Never forget - it was the NSW Liberal Government that sold Liddell power station to AGL in 2014 - for $0.
Bloody hell. The pumps holding back the water in the Thai cave failed just minutes after the last diver came out. Water began rising immediately. The rescue op could never have waited.
Good luck, #Rahaf! Saudi teenager granted asylum in Canada, Justin Trudeau confirms
My children are no-one's pawns. And they know what's coming at them unless the world gets green house gas emissions under control. Collective protest is one of the few tools kids have in their hands
A call to arms from Kerry O'Brien: fight for the ABC. In the Australian of all places
MH17 evidence points to ‘rogue state’ Russia, Tony Abbott says
Chinese media is mocking Australia’s political turmoil, labelling leadership aspirant as a “semi-Trump” #auspol #libspill #PeterDutton
Saudi Arabia is a theocratic, authoritarian monarchy. Apologists like Sarsour point to the Kingdom’s material wealth to obfuscate the reality that women are treated as minors in perpetuity. Some are risking it all to escape. My latest for
Renewables-led mining boom: “... as society chooses more ­renewables, it’s ­actually going to need more, not less, resources ... more steel [ie coal], more copper, more lithium & cobalt, ... & more nickel.” Andrew McKenzie, CEO BHP Billiton #auspol
Sheik Tawhidi is calling on the National Imams Council to appoint a female mufti to give Muslim women a voice
time warp! clearly stopped reading a decade ago. • wind is now $52/MWh • solar now under $75 • new coal well above $100 (all costs unsubsidised, except cost for coal assumes it can pollute for free.)
The high rate of suicide among Aboriginal and Torres Strait ­Islander children and young people is one of the gravest and most heartbreaking challenges we face, one I am deeply and personally committed to confronting.
BREAKING: Kazuo Ishiguro wins 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature.
"Australian research funding will take another hit: $328.5 million… Every $100m cut in research funding is estimated to reduce economic activity in communities across Australia by $1.01bn." - Ian Jacobs via the #auspol #UniResearchChangesLives
3,800MW of coal capacity out of action in NSW and the runs with this. 🤦‍♂️
Having taken away freedom this week, it is hard to believe that either side of politics will be serious about bringing it back. The same-sex marriage lobby are opposed to free speech on marriage, in case anyone missed that.
Beijing pulls out of #humanrights talks Australia's 3½ year struggle to restore talks unsuccessful
It's time to get over this myth that Labor can't/shouldn't stop Adani because of 'sovereign risk'. Labor's refusal to stop this project (and those following) on the basis of "protecting" Australia from paying compensation to Adani isn't based in fact.
Canada looks to Aus on China
The right-wing advocacy for coal isn't about policy, it's an obsession. New coal doesn't stack up, it's bad economics and bad for the environment.
Hi , we saw your article in The Australian calling for new #coal and thought you might appreciate a fact check
Chart shows median income growth by single year of age and gender in #Australia between 2011 and 2016. Female wages grew faster narrowing the income gap. Only exception are the high income years in the 50s were male wages grew faster. Source:
China used Huawei for hack "Chinese espionage services used telecommunications giant Huawei’s staff to get access codes to infiltrate a foreign network." & yet there are people who say huawei is safe...
why are you so _desperate_ to keep #liddell open & ? liddell: • has exceeded 90% capacity for only 0.15% of this entire decade • achieved just 49% capacity factor in FY2017 it's a clapped out dog! #auspol
Emerging from hiding after being appointed federal Environment Minister, Melissa Price just cost the government more votes with this idiocy.
"Pursuing truth with a reckless disregard for how much it may upset people with erroneous views." Talking The Square and the Tower with
Exclusive: Labor pledges not to junk Bishop’s foreign policy white paper #auspol
Excl: NSW Labor MP quietly severs formal ties with billionaire donor at the centre of the Dastyari controversy #auspol
Australia announces biggest spy review in 40 years
The Australian ambassador to China, Jan Adams, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a dressing down over foreign interference laws.
“If the letter played a part, and was linked to agents of the Chinese government — entirely plausible — this marks a shocking, blatant attempt at gross interference in Australia’s internal affairs, and at the very least an investigation ... is warranted.”
She’s the blogger of choice for intellectuals pushing back against the progressives. But isn’t about to sell out to a political conservative
New state department-funded study provides new estimates of Beijing’s diplomacy & financial aid to the Asia Pacific, also finds Australia was the target of the most high level visits
Brits to sail warship - similar to the one they are trying to sell Australia - through the South China Sea
PM Turnbull gave a speech today at UNSW (which hosts the Torch project) talking up collaboration between Chinese & Aust researchers after defence dept laid out plans to tighten restrictions on such activities (). The speech is here:
Kevin Rudd has accused the Turnbull government of failing to ­develop a policy to deal with China, while conceding the extent of espionage and influence in Australia needs to be investigated
These guys made the “gas squeeze”. They built export facilities without securing supply first on the assumption that they could drive prices so high Australia would be fracked to death and supply would come.
The Australian - Australian terrorist Neil Prakash has freedom revoked hours after order to release him
An ISIS sympathiser who mowed down pedestrians in Melbourne’s Flinders Street said he “did it in the name of Allah”, a court has been told
Climate change is simultaneously a UN conspiracy, not happening, happening too fast to do anything, and also good.
In Melbourne protesters are urged to “join the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism” in a “speakout where we attempt to undermine Peterson’s normalisation of bigotry and alt-right ideologies”. The guest speaker? Roz Ward. No ideology there, she said wryly.
"Vietnam is very keen to see the reformation of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue". Quoted in next to on #Australia-Vietnam strategic partnership:
John Fitzgerald - “In light of ANU’s principled withdrawal from the Ramsay negotiations, all universities that host Confucius Institutes need to reconsider, and if necessary renegotiate, the terms of their agreements” h/t
I repeat: there is no future for conservative politics if voters under 40 have no assets to conserve - renter jurisdictions are socialist ones. The Coalition, its weakness on housing supply & its subservience to donors...sow, reap etc
Congrats Michelle Simmons Australian of the Year - a brilliant brilliant scientific leader & great choice
Donald Trump declares he would ‘love’ Australia’s Navy to conduct joint freedom of navigation exercises alongside the US Navy through disputed regions of the South China Sea, a move which would anger Beijing
Run a country and juggle the responsibilities that come with a new baby? Good luck with that, Jacinda Ardern, writes Angela Shanahan. Even NZ needs a full-time prime minister.
More than 1/3 of access requests to NDIS by ppl with serious mental illnesses rejected. That's almost 3x the rate for disability types combined. : "The envelope they have now is based on funding, not need, and we are seeing that in this data.”
Religion is often silly. That’s why people - including Boris Johnson - make jokes about it. Me in on how to send up religion & why it’s important to do so. RTYI
As foreshadowed, intel committee has come to bipartisan general deal on amendments to the espionage bill (not the transparency scheme bill) and sources say the report is due out on Thursday
ICYMI - Interesting detail on Aus' failed attempts to restart the annual human rights dialogue w/ China.
Peter Mac's lung cancer specialist #nurse Mary Duffy featured in today's as part of a campaign on #lungcancer stigma.
As foreshadowed, intel committee has come to bipartisan general deal on amendments to the espionage bill (not the transparency scheme bill) and sources say the report is due out on Thursday
If anyone can choose to be female, what happens to women’s rights? Holly Lawford-Smith explores whether your legal sex should be something so easy to change
#BREAKING A protester has managed to invade the stage during alt-right commentator Lauren Southern's Melbourne address as hundreds clash with police outside
“Under guardianship laws, women are effectively kept as perpetual minors.” in the on why women are fleeing Saudi Arabia
Turnbull Govt continues with head in sand approach to diet-related disease woes. Industry self-regulation clearly not working. gives cereals that are 25% sugar 4⭐️ In the UK, #sugartax driving reformulation.
Two-day power bill hits $1bn. The annual revenue a few years ago was under $8 billion. The peak price is bujilt into average power price contracts that are already $100 per MWh, compared to $50 the "experts" told us would prevail in the renewables era
Lawyers for NSW AG seek to extend prison sentence under NSW Terrorism High Risk Offenders Bill for man who “is suspected of converting to IS ideology while in prison for drug and theft offences.”
Don’t think the Presidents antics have impact? Australia - a country that has fought alongside the US in every major conflict in the last century - is genuinely debating alternative security frameworks. #strongertogether
“I’ll be holding your hands with your dying business like in a ­hospice”
Daniel Ortega, whose tyrannical regime so many do-gooders rallied around during the Cold War, has murdered 280 protesters now he has had a second go at power, blaming them for their own deaths since they're agents of Satan, the Catholic Church, and America
Confucius programs face axe
Lives lost from lack of psych beds
Beijing influence affects integrity
They add sugar to everything these days!! Nothing sacred any more.
Exclusive: key intel role for former Abbott staffer and China ‘hawk’
Arthur Kroeber : We are not headed for a "Chinese century"
Russian KGB station chief in Canberra at the height of the Cold War confirms there was a mole in ASIO.
The Australian's story on the alleged sexual misconduct by Lawrence Krauss, including an interview with me on warning colleagues. Unclear if Krauss' upcoming Australian events are or aren't going ahead.
My two cents worth in The Oz Island leaders tailor projects
Australian officials ignorant on China’s economic policy: report
Federal Labor will investigate scrapping traditional school report cards that grade students from A to E if elected
It’s a good thing we’ve had a lot of public debate before deciding to develop a gene drive cat.... oh wait...’”Andrew Clifford pledges $1m towards feral cat eradication”
My review of Tim Causer's masterly work on first-hand account of Mary Bryan & Co's convict escape: Colony’s greatest escape
Lives lost from lack of psych beds
Chinese media slams Australia for undue concern over foreign influence in universities: | They'll game your system
Much respect to for continued discussion about sex differences, without ideology
Brilliantly, hilariously, three academics have made monkeys of the social justice flunkeys, writes #education #hoax
Andrew Forrest slams Australian 'paranoia' about China.
Australia must not be duped into softening its stance on #Iran | and write in :
Almost two-thirds of university-educated Millennials are in favour of socialism
Article from me in today's Inquirer which takes a look at the data on sexual & violent offending & its lack of fit with the feminist narrative of a "rape culture". I also argue that assigning collective guilt for crimes is regressive & unjust
Massive in increase in people accessing their superannuation early to pay for weight loss surgery but govt says there is no need to act on sugar tax
It seems is yet to address the allegations regarding Lawrence Krauss. As a scientist and communicator I believe it is inappropriate to host events centred on someone facing significant allegations of poor behaviour in a professional context
For the first time Australian universities have adopted a blanket policy saying that sexual and romantic relationships between an academic supervisor and their research student are not appropriate
Creator and director of Future Generation, Geoff Wilson, was today awarded an Order of Australia for his services to the business and finance sector and the community as a supporter of charitable foundations. Congratulations Geoff!
The political Left is unlikely to succeed in its attempt to reimpose politically correct taboos on immigration debates, argues Prof Eric Kaufmann () / #populism #farright #rightwing #leftwing #migration #immigration #integration #cohesion
Fascinating, from retired Oz army chief: “We should be confident that democracy is the best system and that as countries such as China develop, rather than socialism with Chinese characteristics they will settle on democracy with Chinese characteristics.”
New Caledonia ‘could fall into Chinese hands’ if it votes for independence: New Caledonia MP Philippe Gomes
Nice short interview with the eminent in
Australia creates Southeast Asia Counter-Terrorism Financing Working Group to share info re #CFT
Today is a good day 2 remind every1 that Trump Tower was built by Genovese & Gambino crime families & housed a wave of Russian mafia capos, who swept thru NYC in '80s-'90s, assassinated Castellano, & rolled La Cosa Nostra up - taking Trump Org along w/it.
Donald Trump’s plan to build and operate Sydney’s first casino was killed off in 1987 by the NSW government on the back of a high-level police report that warned against the now-US President’s bid because of his “mafia ­connections".
So they doubled net debt in 6 years and expect you to believe this 10 year pig in a poke. Incredible.
Here ⁦⁩ does not deny that CSIRO scientists will now need to apply to the miners & bankers in the ⁦⁩ to access public money for the Great Barrier Reef #reefgate The story from ⁦
Boats ‘danger phase’ warning Dutton now makes it clear: choose cruelty rather than compassion. He is debasing our country: YOUR country. Question: are we cruel or compassionate? We should REJECT Dutton's answer.
Walter Mikac, who lost his wife and two daughters in the Port Arthur massacre, says Tasmanian Liberal push to relax guns laws is “total betrayal”. Fears it will undermine National Firearms Agreement struck by John Howard after the 1996 tragedy.
After almost 37 years of heartache, two Coronial inquests, several police investigations, 15 episodes of an investigative podcast, and thousands of words written, Chris Dawson has been arrested and will be charged the murder of Lyn Dawson. Huge.
LNP donors win Great Barrier Reef contracts ⁦⁩ in follows the money trail on the Great Barrier Reef 👇
Just leaving this here. Wesfarmers is cutting its ties to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. #reefgate
Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher understands what Christmas is all about. He uses his Xmas address to argue for religious freedoms, like Priests being allowed to admit to child abuse in the confessional without consequences. The mind boggles...
“What? The US was giving $200M to Palestine?” Yes. US and Australia have been pouring hundreds of millions into Palestine to help them, but the Palestinian Authorities think both USA and Australia should be spat on (literally: )
Michaelia Cash’s former adviser, David De Garis, now working for Australian Hotels Association. In August, Turnbull and Cash struck deal with AHA to take on 10k interns. AHA members to get up to $10m in taxpayer funds & interns to get $4 an hour plus dole.
The government should go to the polls asap to put itself and all of us out of our misery: #auspol
Instead of introducing meaningful penalties to stop rampant wage theft, the Coalition is looking at offering a free-for-all where employers can steal wages with no fear of consequences and fire any person at any time for no reason. #ChangeTheRules #auspol
If I say white is black long enough maybe people will believe it. More Liberal female MPs tell us how great their party is for women. Incidentally like yesterday’s chief spinner today’s likely won’t have a seat after the next election: #auspol
Will Hodgman’s secret promise to the gun lobby to water down John Howard’s gun laws is utterly disgraceful, morally repugnant and shows weak compromised leadership - and in Tasmania of all places, where they should know better #tasvotes #auspol
“Bill Hayden, at age 85, has ­renounced his atheism and been baptised into the Catholic Church. The former Labor leader and governor-general said it was witnessing so many selfless acts of compassion by Christians ... that prompted his decision.”
PM is a marketing man, but he may soon be exposed as a leader lacking conviction, driven by spin not substance, writes #Insiders #InsidersReading #auspol
The Howard cabinet authorised the advance of significant taxpayer funds to Chris Corrigan, ­allowing the businessman to fund the mass sackings of 1400 union employees. Cabinet papers 1996-97.
Andrew Laming's private version of the cashless welfare card doesn't appear to have a credit limit
The #Newspoll showing majority of Australians supporting #IndigenousVoice is a very positive development. I sincerely hope this give PM boost he needs to re-join Labor at discussion table on Voice to make it a reality.
What’s more credible ? A Four Corners story researched, reported and fact checked over a couple of months ? Or a babbling rant in The Australian from that crank Maurie Newman and his equally crackpot cronies?
Labor could axe $247 million school chaplaincy program, with Senator Doug Cameron calling for a “secular Australia”
Average cost of Australian political staffers rises 32% over two years to $220k, 7 times wage growth. A 21-year old “innovation adviser” earns $130,000 a year. Welcome to #auspol
The PM 🎩had the gall to lecture me about our Indigenous MP’s, yet he excluded Senator Dodson from consultations in Broome on ‘refresh’ of Close the Gap in his own Country! #2018 #PUSH4UluruStatement
I think people overlooked this gem last November. Huawei employee gave password to Chinese intel service to hack Australian network...The Australian: China used Huawei for hack
Vodafone cuts 100 jobs from its Hobart call centre despite receiving a $4m federal grant, an $850,000 state grant and a payroll tax holiday to expand the same workforce.
Scott Morrison’s drought envoy , who during the millennium drought told South Australians to “move to where the water is”, is at it again now calling for Adelaide to lose its water.
Your man's being endorsed by the KKK but there's no problem here. Just smears.
Just in case you can’t read it, this is Judith Sloan... Yep, you read that right - Judith Sloan - advocating a massive tax-payer funded, government intervention in the market
Victoria passes Australia’s first Treaty legislation
Tomorrow #Australia will reach 25 million residents. Australia is a migrant nation with a successful #history of integrating a multitude of nationalities. Now growing at a fast rate. Infrastructure and water issues will need careful handling. Source:
I am looking forward to this legal case, particularly watching these people waste $000s on their sense of white privilege: Uluru climber ready for legal fight to keep the rock open
TERRORIST CHARGED A man convicted over the 2015 murder of police accountant Curtis Cheng raised one finger in an ISIS salute & shouted in Arabic after being sentenced to a maximum of 38 years imprisonment in the NSW Supreme Court.
Flinders St attack NOT terror related but ice addict with history of mental illness reports
In what country are you fined $42 000 for attending political protest? Scott Morrison's Australia. Workers across the country are being pursued by the G'ments union police force - now they are going beyond the construction industry. Who's next?
"ASIO has identified about 10 ­political candidates at state and local government elections whom it believes have close ties to Chinese intelligence services"
A thread: a bunch of white folks rocked up at a train station with baseball bats in Melbourne yesterday looking for black people to assault. How do the Australian & Herald cover it? #auspol
My 9yr old boy loves cricket and reveres Steve Smith and the Australian team. How am I going to tell him they are despicable cheats ?
New Zealand has bypassed Australia to directly petition Nauru to relocate refugees from Australian detention centres amid calls for children of asylum-seekers to be taken off the island.
Africans migrants with a tomahawk allegedly chase former police assistant commissioner. Just another day in #Auspol
MEDIA WATCH DOG: It appears Waleed Aly believes his views are more significant than those of the PM, writes Gerard Henderson
Oh, FFS. And I’ll be the next Pope...
#BREAKING Thai authorities confirm cave 'rescue operation' is now underway
Mathias Cormann has just confirmed this report from The Oz that Vikki Campion was still being paid her salary two months after losing her job. After Dec 20 reshuffle, the grace period for terminated staff was extended from two weeks to eight weeks.
Yep, we'll stand up to Adani until the crazy idea for world's largest coal mine is in the dustbin. #StopAdani
"i was worried my Polish cleaner would be racist about it" 😀 this article gets so good so fast
Location: Australia Citizens are: Australian Event type: Multicultural Person Denied Entry (after being invited): Prominent Jewish Leader Reason: Because he’s Jewish Who blocked his entry?: Muslim MP Islamic Supremacy, anti-semitism and discrimination.
Impressive little chart shows how rapidly the population across the globe is aging (1950-2100).
Morrison's pot, kettle, black moment. Or was he in a glass house throwing stones? My look back at his 2007 pre-selection "win" & the hypocrisy of him now defending the local result at Liberal pre-selections: #auspol
#BREAKING: In the first head-to-head poll to test Scott Morrison’s public appeal, Bill Shorten has emerged as the more popular leader #Newspoll
Fraser Anning confirmed to that the AEC registered "Fraser Anning's Conservative Party" yesterday & he plans to run candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives next month.
RT : Labor could axe $247 million school chaplaincy program, with Senator Doug Cameron calling for a “secular Australia” #auspol
Just so I have this right: Qantas is unhappy with a rugby player's anti-gay comments, but partners with Emirates, an airline wholly owned by a country where homosexuality is illegal. OK, got it. Qantas’ threat at Folau gay slur
I think we can pretty much say goodbye to independent news values at the ABC
The ghastly unfeeling coldness of this continual commentary that deals only with the evidence in Pell’s defence ... that simply, by unequivocal implication calls the victim a liar.
"I can report that the ABC has the most infuriatingly diligent anti-bias and complaint-handling processes of any organisation... no organisation is more genuine in trying to do the right thing, from top to bottom."
The headline kind of says it all. Barnaby Joyce lives rent-free in Armidale pad owned by influential businessman and political player. My yarn today.
How dare the NSW Liberals preselect a woman in a winnable senate spot ahead of a man. What madness... #auspol
This is the union leader we need for the times in which we we live. We are lucky to have standing up for working people in Australia. #ChangeTheRules #FightingInequality 🙋‍♀️💪
Forty of the 300 refugees who left Nauru to resettle in the US have contacted the island nation asking to come back
Medicare faces $330m for child abuse counselling. Damage from institutional abuse is still being counted.
So let me get this straight. The plan is to make people pay tax twice & then give their double taxed money back to them as welfare. Sounds like a socialist’s utopia.
you're shitting me! the manages to turn today's tesla battery launch into a negative story.
Virtue signalling as innocents die
Tracey Spicer has gathered 485 complaints about 65 media figures, has teamed with Fairfax to publish Floodgates about to bust open, guys
New: Adelaide student, who estimates about 18 of her family members are detained in China, says her Australian grandpa was detained earlier this year in Guangzhou for a night while trying to visit his locked up children
lightning strikes tripped power lines on saturday, and calls for more investment in power stations? 🤷🏻‍♂️ surefire way to increase power costs.
"A new guide for Australian judges debunks a widespread view that mothers “frequently fabricate” ­allegations of violence during custody disputes and warns they are more likely to fail to report abuse for fear of having their ­motives questioned".
Nobel prize for Peace goes to Aus initiated group but PM has no time to congratulate?
. on earlier today: “She didn’t vote for the Howard government, she didn’t even vote for the Turnbull Government. How left do you have to be to not even vote for the Turnbull Government?”
Abbott: I could be PM again
one to put into the twitter time machine — the is predicting that household battery prices will rise due to all the demand:
If you’re supporting new coal mines, you’re not serious about climate change. We desperately need to turf the climate-denying Libs out, but it is clearer by the day that we need more #Greens in Parl to keep the next lot on track.
ANU has never accepted gifts with such restrictions as demanded by Ramsay, and under our watch as Chancellor and Vice Chancellor we never will: Professors Evans and Schmidt.
Free speech warriors don't want a debate about Australia Day: #auspol
Yes. Axe the school chaplain program. It was always WRONG to put religious workers into public schools. It was created by Christian politicians as a sly way to help churches insert themselves into secular schools and get taxpayers to pay for it. Dump it.
A day after Universal Medicine cult is found in a court to be harmful and its leader has an “indecent interest in young girls” this Gold Coast “behaviour specialist” defended him and the cult on video. She treats kids with autism, receives taxpayer money.
Love to know how many media men are shivering and calling their lawyers right now. Power to your arm Sexual misconduct file imminent
First yarn from me: Federal Labor MP Julie Owens delivered a speech praising the Church of Scientology as “valuable” and a “perfect fit” for Aust­ralia, during the opening of its $60 million Sydney church.
#BREAKING: The Coalition has moved to within striking distance of Labor with a surge in support following the budget #auspol #Newspoll
Don't be afraid to laugh at & mock the stupidity of the left. Milo proves his point beautifully, standing up to & making fun of the bullies works. Tell me again, where is the Project, Waleed, Karl, Clementine & the rest? Too afraid to face him.
federal coalition (, , ) are desperate to give $billions to former LNP candidate and significant LNP donor trevor st baker — this is the second piece in a week aimed at softening us up. #australiadeservesbetter #auspol
On #IWD2019 we cannot ignore the government's treatment of women on low incomes. The ParentsNext program is making single mothers’ lives harder, imposing nonsensical activity requirements with the threat of income support being cut off. #auspol
So much for the geniuses who thought the voters would welcome rolling Malcolm Turnbull. Yikes! Primary L/NP 33% ALP 41% 2PP L/NP 44% ALP 56% Better PM Morrison 33% Shorten 39% #Newspoll #auspol
What I saw and how it changed me
Aged care residents "are being turned into zombies" and doped for years at a time. Half of all antipsychotics used are risperidone, an agent that is not approved for use in dementia patients in the USA because of its severe side effects.
A corporate executive has resigned after being outed as a serial public defecator by vigilant neighbours who photographed him in the act #ausbiz #poojogger $AOG
Make no mistake, Labor has weakened laws that have stopped people-­smugglers, halted deaths at sea and put an end to the detention of 50,000 people, writes Dennis Shanahan #auspol
Update on Saudi teen who has avoided deportation for now as human rights lawyers seek answers on who is behind her detention in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport. Saudi teen fears vengeance
The people of #tasmania now entitled to ask what other secret policies are being promised to other interest groups #tasvotes
Throughout their careers private sector workers consistently spend longer hours at work than public sector workers. More incentives for hard work in private sector and fairer regulation in public sector are likely causes. Source:
#BREAKING: Malcolm Turnbull has dumped plans to legislate the Paris emissions reduction target in a dramatic capitulation to rebel MPs #auspol
The cyber war with China is very real for Australia. Latest report🇦🇺 @20committee
BREAKING | Melbourne incident NOT believed to be terror - ice-addicted man with mental health issues believed to be the driver. He has NO links to extremism. Second man arrested not linked to the driver.
Critically unwell children on Nauru are at risk of dying. That won’t let them come to Australia for treatment is horrific in its own right - that he won’t even let New Zealand take them is monstrous #KidsOffNauru
COMMENT | Australia will pay a heavy price for electing a Greens-ALP government, writes
END MASS MIGRATION leader is pushing for a plebiscite to be held in tandem with the next federal election so Australians can have their say on whether migration levels should be scaled back.
Peta Credlin: 'There is a document that can turn around the Liberals’ fortunes; it was released on Monday by Labor. Full of economy-wide devastation ... Labor’s ­uncosted climate change policy gives the Morrison government its best chance of a win.'
Greens leader will today call for a radical replacement of the welfare system with universal basic income, where all Australian citizens would receive a regular, non-means-tested wage from the government, with no obligation to work #auspol
UK government objects to the term 'pregnant woman' being used in a UN treaty as it 'excludes transgender people'
Distance between the richest and poorest suburbs in Australia's capital cities. Sydney 27km Melbourne 21km Perth 18km Brisbane 18km Hobart 17km Canberra 16km Darwin 15km Adelaide 12km Full article in newspaper today (page 16) or online:
#BREAKING Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun appears bound for Canada after UNHCR withdraws referral to Australia to take her as a refugee #auspol
1000 big names and institutions back Fiona Stanley's statement urging PM to reverse decision on indigenous voice
Adani's mine would deliver just "100 ongoing jobs after the construction phase" says Bridget McKenzie, Deputy Leader of the Nationals. !
The stitch up. Former detective Denis Ryan recognised for investigating clergy child sex abuse.
When the (climate denying) Aus actually reports good environmental news as good news... you know it’s far better...it’s really fucking great news. “Glencore to abandon large coal acquisitions, freeze production over investor climate change concerns” ⚡️
Peter van Onselen explains why it’s not wrong to say national socialism is a branch of socialism
PARIS DISAGREEMENT Aussies are awake to the damaging United Nations Paris Climate Agreement & back call to exit this terrible agreement immediately Australians want lower electricity prices not lower standards of living! LINK:
Does anyone care about the violence and sexual abuse against Aboriginal children? Where was Territory Families despite multiple notifications?? #auspol
Desert communities claim the Coalition’s work-for-dole scheme discriminates. They’re heading to Federal Court after a long mediation in the human rights commission
President Trump “appears to be a significant factor in Australians’ declining trust in the United States”, according to new poll
huge news: 1. tesla megabattery exceeds expectations 2. reports honestly.
Exclusive: ABC boss Michelle Guthrie has been sacked by the organisation's chairman Justin Milne
"The Melbourne CBD terrorist’s partner has been radicalised and is not co-operating with investigators trying to reconstruct the dead man’s last movements." I take it this too is mental illness?
#ISIS jihadi holed up in #Raqqa is a Porsche-driving British Barrister. #IslamicState
Thermal coal prices jump by 33% in 2017 Don’t be fooled by fake coal narrative - demand is strong.
MUSLIM PREACHER SEX TEACHING 'REPUGNANT' A Muslim preacher's "repugnant views” have come under heavy criticisms after he told members of an Islamic group in Sydney’s west it was a “major sin” for wives to refuse a husband’s demands for sex.
Political fundraising is a cancer on our democracy....my column in today's #auspol
Tony Abbott urges a cut in immigration intake
Sydney Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher’s Christmas message: Moves to make confession “illegal” - that is force priests to disclose sex abuse of kids in confession - are an attack on religious freedom. Merry Christmas.
Lib polling ‘leaked’ to The Australian says Phelps set for big win. Strategic attempt to rally the base? #auspol
Australia’s new medivac law may be stirring furious debate at home, but among Indonesia’s asylum-seeker community and the fishermen who once ferried them across the Indian Ocean, the consensus is that nothing changes while boat turnbacks remain in place.
Barnaby Joyce, son of millionaires and schooled at one of Sydney's most exclusive boarding colleges, is working on a book for MUP about the forgotten people.
Far from lacking leadership as his detractors claim, the PM is showing leadership by opposing discrimination and standing up to reactionary conservatives who won't accept the people's verdict: #auspol #62percent
The perversely chilled response to terrorism is not an act of defiance. Rather, it speaks to a reluctance in the West to engage in robust debate about terror, religion, immigration and values, writes 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Chris Corrigan readily sacked 1400 union workers but doesn't dare disband this country's stale and backwards boardrooms. #auspol
How do you silence debate on statins? Say it's a cult, it's pseudoscience, it's killing 1000's of people.
Rather than being sorry for the ’offence caused’, how about I'm sorry I was wrong and for my ill-considered tweet!
Good piece today by Ruth Ostrow today about toxic people and the ones to avoid
Tens of thousands of Muslims braved freezing conditions to show solidarity with their fellow Australians who are affected by drought
It is often claimed that 97 per cent of scientists conclude that humans are causing global warming, writes Ian Plimer. Is that really true?
In - reveals that CSIRO officials are concerned about the ‘layers and layers’ of bureaucracy the Turnbull govt’s decision to give $444m to the will create
The Federal Government's decision to sign off on the My Health Record system without a proper information cam­paign reflects it has lost interest in the privacy of Australians, writes #Insiders panellist #InsidersReading #auspol
Are You Fucking Kidding Me. "The NDIA spent more than $430 million on contractors and consultants in the last calendar year, including millions of dollars in one month to a major firm to resubmit a botched review for which it had already been paid."
James Paterson’s same-sex marriage bill is a kick in the teeth for gay Australians, writes
fyi , when says we'll meet our paris commitments "in a canter" he is directly contradicting the department of the environment, which says we'll miss it by more than 860 million tonnes of CO₂.
Beautifully written, tragic human story of Labor’s years of border insecurity by Paige Taylor
If One Nation responds by putting sitting members last, it will be a bloodbath for the Libs.
Sad news, the last surviving Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel has died.
As first flagged by in July, Australia confirms the country will join the US, Hungary and Austria in dropping out of the UN Migration Compact
Exclusive: Beijing summons Australian Ambassador amid diplomatic row
Great article Greg Sheridan. The anti-Israel bias, using tax payers money, is a disgrace.
Turnbull says child sex abuse survivors who did jail time will be denied compensation under the redress scheme. He acknowledges their crimes may stem from their trauma
It is 250 years today since James Cook set sail on his epic southern journey. pays tribute to the mighty voyage
Data compiled "found that students who had studied the easier NSW “mathematics general” course at school instead of more difficult maths courses were twice as likely to fail first year biology & first year chemistry”
Delighted to welcome ⁦⁩ and ⁦⁦⁩ James Morrow who are joining #outsiders every Sunday morning from 9 - 11am starting Jan 27. See you there! Trigger warning: Lefty loonies beware
Elon Musk’s view that fossil fuels are “the dumbest experiment in human history” didn’t stop him logging 241,000km by jet last year
Magabala Books’ new release about our Indigenous men & women who served in the forces
My comment on NDIS funding: this is the worst budget in six years for the scheme as silence echoes. It will be funded, but they won't say how and enthusiasm is waning.
Greens MP has told the PM he and are “not welcome in Melbourne”, accusing him of trying to “use race to win votes.” #auspol
snowy hydro boss tell senators there's no future for new coal in australia. the #Monash5 look more ridiculous by the day. good piece by in the .
How can the public feel safe if authorities and politicians won’t confront the very real enemy of Islamist extremism terrorism, writes
Indonesian fishermen who have previously smuggled asylum-seekers to Australia are closely monitoring federal election campaigning and say they are ready to restart their trade if Bill Shorten is elected and weakens our nation’s tough border regime.
““In any one year, Australia’s university researchers collectively spend more than 500 working years on writing applications for just one of the major national grants schemes.””
How would Beijing react if Australia dared suggest it would stir internal dissent in China? Yet a Chinese Government minister and an Ambassador hinted Chinese Australians might be encouraged to turn on Labor if it stood against an extradition treaty.
‘A lot more to come on Dastyari’
EXCLUSIVE: Walter Mikac, who lost his wife and daughters in the Port Arthur massacre, says he's ‘flabbergasted’ by Tasmania’s push to relax guns laws
The Australian Human Rights Commission is pitiful organisation, writes Judith Sloan
This is big. Rio links coal exit to climate
I think the new CMO at L'Oreal is a rock star. He is one of the few senior marketers brave enough and smart enough to call out marketers on their obsession with tactics, digital and communication.
So calls for greater transparency and accountability for environmental groups protecting 🇦🇺 but sees no need for same rules for IPA, QRC, NSWMC, APPEA nor MCA?! Get real, you are a paid lobbyist for the foreign tax-avoiding energy industry.
Loopholes in our work laws have allowed bosses to call workers “casuals” even when they’ve have been in ongoing employment for years. This needs to change. We will fight for the right of casuals to convert to permanent positions. #ChangeTheRules #auspol
Harvey Weinstein’s dirty secret was safe with the media for far too long, writes
The £20bln UK deal is like the new blue passports BS again: 1. We have done the deal despite still being in the EU.Nothing to do with Brexit. 2. It's BAE Australia - all the jobs and materials will be in Australia not a penny will come to the UK.
takes a brave and honest MP to tell his #coal electorate that there’s no long-term future for coal power in australia. hat tip to . telling coal regions anything else is delusional and cruel. #energyAU
As we mark #SorryDay2018 an honour to join and so many members of Moore River families - a reminder that the old, sad policies of separation didn’t dampen the spirits of our people.
Metropolitan Sydney has just clocked its hottest day in recorded history with a preliminary high of 47.1 in Penrith
A public school teacher vowed to “ensure that the next generation of voters in my classroom don’t vote Liberal” in a social media post she thought would never become public #auspol
#BREAKING Ex-One Nation adviser found guilty of raping a woman in Brisbane #auspol
Brenton Tarrant was a product of the ancient racisms of Europe & the fringe-dwelling, alt-right fascists of the dark web. There's zero evidence he paid any attention at all to the national conversation of his homeland. My comment piece.
"Mr Burnside declined to say whether he had used negative gearing — deducting losses from rental properties from his taxable income — to amass his property holdings." Great story by
ASIO has identified about 10 ­political candidates at state and local government elections whom it believes have close ties to Chinese intelligence services
. it's 407 ppm CO2 and rising, but you actually actively blocked #nuclear from your event. Are you serious???
Someone just pointed out this story to me. ⁦⁩ has also previously asked female players to prove they are not pregnant
‘Do the deal with New Zealand’, tells as PNG police storm Manus #auspol
Time to shine a bright light on these problems that have been going on for years. Protect children from abuse and get the perpetrators out of the communities. #auspol
Why should taxpayers subsidise a family's religious choice of school in a secular society is question not asked by this article. S116 of Constitution separates state from religion.
If you have time, compare the Guardian's coverage of Abbott's speech () to The Australian's ()
Since we're talking about #AfricanGangs let's all remember this story of the taxi driver and the burning bus
This editorial by cites "veteran climate scientist Judith Curry". Curry has a PhD in Geophysical Sciences. She believes there has been a "hiatus" in global warming since 1998. Eighteen of the 19 warmest years on record have been since 2001.
Waleed Aly's ICOV that ran the legal action against Christians for laughing at Islam #Auspol
Electricity is three times more expensive here than in the US. Good reading by Nathan Vass
This is absolutely sickening. The Turnbull government could stop this instantly, if they so willed it cc.
Germany accuses Chinese spies of targeting politicians, government employees. IT workers targeted to get access to networks
The Senate has voted to censure Senator David Leyonhjelm for, in part, humiliating and intimidating a fellow female senator #auspol
People of #Bennelong, congrats. You prove once more that the Left always underestimates the mainstream.
RT : Breaking: The Australian now reporting Melbourne attack NOT being treated as terrorism, driver believed to be mentally-ill drug addict
Five indigenous girls die over nine days in alarming spate of suicides - “The people funded to provide suicide prevention plans are not properly addressing the level of sexual violence suffered by our women and girls.”
NSW gov sold a coal power station for $1m only 2 yrs ago this month. now wants to spend $1bn to subsidise a new one. 🤦‍♂️ #auspol
The medical care that Australian patients receive should not be decided by their health fund. The AMA will not stand by and let , or any insurer, take this big leap towards US-style managed care
Last ditch bid to win Wentworth. Thanks Baaaaaarnaby
Utterly appalling would use a racial slur about - there should be no place for this sort of language and abuse on any media platform and it is good to see the ABC has distanced themselves from Bongiorno #auspol
The climate-change brigade’s methodology doesn’t pass muster, writes Ian Plimer. In the scientific circles I mix in, there is an overwhelming scepticism about human-induced climate change
We welcome sticking to his commitment on a republic and extending his commitment on Indigenous recognition with a voice. This is a moment for nation building - and an opportunity for national unity.
This is big news. Australian Akshay Venkatesh is one of four winners of the Fields medal, only awarded every four years. It’s the Nobel Prize of maths
“Experts” like say the way to fix this is shut down more coal and build more windmills. #seriously RT Heatwave: AEMO hits go on emergency energy supply measures as Victoria swelters
ABC journos squeal like stuck pigs over a pause in the growth of their $1bn+ budget. This is a taxpayer-funded ­organisation that pays Media Watch‘s Paul Barry about $200,000 a year to host a 13-minute TV show with 8 other FT staff, says
Once, just once, I want to read something which is first and foremost about men’s experience of juggling parenthood and work. Endlessly construing this as an issue predominantly for and faced by mothers is actually part of the problem
I’ve worked with ⁦⁩ on Senate #stillbirth inquiry - he’s thoughtful & passionate. And he’s a former Army Major General. Hard to believe the NSW Libs think that Andrew Bragg has something better to offer.
#Cyclists in #Australia tend to be wealthier than the average Aussie. Number of #cycling commuters grew by 4% over last five years. Growth exclusively driven by female #bicycle commuters. Peak cycling age is around 30. Source:
Cigarette consumption rises in Australia for first time in 14 years.
LATEST: Victoria Police are treating the Bourke St attack as a terrorist incident. The now-dead attacker, who came to Australia from Somalia in the 1990s, was known to police.
The incident between Michael Pezzullo and the cyclist is exactly why the ACT's third-party insurance scheme is cooked. If this happened in Victoria the cyclist wouldn't need to prove someone was at fault.
He has made poor choices, but if there was no place left for Alan Jones on radio, we’d be much poorer for his absence, writes
It would take 18 years to complete all the courses ANU has to offer in Western civilisation disciplines
"What kind of religious family straps explosives to their nine- year-old daughter and turns her into the first girl child suicide bomber in their nation’s history?"
It is now clear that the government made a conscious decision to pursue the privatisation of reef restoration and reef science #auspol #reefgate
"the ­theory of anthropogenic global warming...is more religion than science"
The #GenderPayGap is actually more of a primary carer pay gap. Motherless women are earning nearly as much as males. As more women become the higher income earner in a relationship we will see more men take on primary carer roles. Source:
The government is making minuscule savings from the proposed cuts to people’s incomes in the Welfare 'Reform' Bill, and yet will be hurting hundreds of thousands of people already struggling with poverty. This Bill must be opposed. #welfarebill #auspol
Fraser Anning admits he billed taxpayers to attend yesterday's far-right rally in St Kilda
China doesn't like India's Sabang deal with Indonesia...
“Whenever I see a board with no women, or just one, I think the chairman is either a dill or lazy, or both,” says
My column today: the breach between conservative politics on one side and science and business on the other has become a crisis for the Coalition and its media supporters. ($)
An attack piece deriding News Corp Australia’s “unfair” reporting of the Adani finch debacle - published prominently by The Guardian and amplified by greenies - failed to mention it was written by Wintle’s girlfriend 🤦🏻‍♂️
#BREAKING Two Thai boys 'successfully rescued' from cave, according to a local media report
PM to be penalised over dodgy dinghy behaviour.
Former Referendum Council says either abandon constitutional reform efforts altogether or fully adopt the Uluru Statement from the Heart’s recommendations. via
Senior Labor frontbencher Tony Burke personally lobbied the government in support of a business visa for an Islamic extremist and hate preacher who advocated the ­execution of homo­sexuals and subjugation of women
Funny that in Canberra the Chinese are calling on Australia to join it's Belt and Road initiative, while in Ottawa, the Chinese ambassador is saying that Australia is undermining its relationship with Canada... Story 1: Story 2:
NRL star Johnathan Thurston calls for Australia Day date change
EXCLUSIVE: Channel Seven is believed to have paid $150K for the rights to the first sit-down interview with Barnaby Joyce and his partner Vikki Campion after a TV bidding war
Once again the Australian people prove smarter than political pundits: Barnaby Joyce is a ratings flop
My column in : Loyalty tax? How ridiculous. And: supporting coal would be an act off shameful, wilful ignorance of both science and economics ($)
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull blames Hamas for Gaza deaths.
Chinese government tries to use conservative fundraiser event in Perth to brief Liberal MPs on OBOR "this is probably the first occasion a foreign government has sought to address a fundraising event."