Several people have asked if it's possible to preorder a book through a website other than Amazon, and YES, it's very possible! If you go to , you can look up your closest indie bookstore, and, as far as I know, every bookstore takes preorders. 🎉📚
Your periodic reminder that the words "I just preordered your book" are sweet, sweet music to your anxious writer friends' ears & that you can always preorder through your local indie bookstore, which you can find at . (& many will ship nationwide!) ❤️🎵
a bookseller hand sold one of my author's books to a big tv producer and now we're in talks so, uh, support your indies y'all. they're doing the real work out there.
(1/3) Add these to your holiday gift + reading list! #AI #Ethics Algorithms of Oppression Automating Inequality Technically Wrong Weapons of Math Destruction Race After Technology
If you don't want to order my book from The Website, you can find a local indie to buy it from on . For example, Politics and Prose has free shipping rn and is hosting a talk by yours truly on Tuesday!
It's tough for writers to promote their own work right now, but good, comforting books are more important than ever. What are y'all reading that's helping you get through this time? (Include a link from to support independent booksellers, too!)
Just FYI, I just got a press release the in Portland may not survive. Please order from them. #AcademicTwitter
It's just as easy to buy books online at .Indy stores have ecommerce. for audio downloads too.
or order through a local indie bookstore.
will deliver to your door, purchase runs through your local bookstore 🥰
Thank you so much for signing our copies! If your readers are looking for other indie bookstores to buy #well from, they can check to locate their local.
Make time to read 's CHARGED! You can order here #bookfest
Out tomorrow: BJ Miller is opening a whole new conversation about dying. "A Beginner's Guide to the End: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death" |
Check out the incomparable Lee Brothers has they deep dive into a corner of the food world often overlooked: Hotbox: Inside Catering, the Food World's Riskiest Business |
#AcademicTwitter, it is easy to link to new books through (Canada & US) . The book you are talking about probably already has some reasons in it why it shouldn't be sold through . #IndependentBookstoreDay
FINALLY set myself up an account on a local bookseller - - step 1 to moving away from Amazon as much as possible. Find your own most local independent bookseller
My Author's page: (If you prefer, understandably, not to get my books from Amazon, then search for them here: )
Buy books here instead
Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth |
Fellow book buyers, get off Amazon, support independent bookstores.