It takes a special kind of writer & person to capture his own spirit in 478 finely chosen words. RIP Mark Mooney.
I just published “My Last Byline”
Here's a simple and elegant advance obituary written by its subject, the CNN/Money editor , who has died.
If you believe in the truth and the 1st Amendment, then read this - the last testament of a real reporter. RIP.
Mark blogged about his final days and, ultimately, wrote his own obit here. Do read it
RIP Mark Mooney, a wonderful editor and a very lovely man who I was privileged to work with.
He said goodbye on his own terms. Take a second to read about Mark. We lost him today: My Last Byline – Mark Mooney
Cancer-stricken reporter pens own obit. "I wish I had done more work as a news reporter. Written better stories."
With his last byline, Mark Mooney, mentor to many of us, writes a love letter to the reporter's life he led so well
“My Last Byline” by
“If I were still here I would tell you that I wish I had done more work as a news reporter.” — 
My Last Byline – Mark Mooney writes his own obit - Medium
This tweet led me to read this amazing essay.
I was truly moved by this today. “My Last Byline” by
Reporter writes his own obituary: Tears ensue.
My Last Byline – Mark Mooney – Medium RIP
"I loved being a reporter. (Journalist is kind of a lace curtain word for the job.)"
Only would want his byline on his own obit. So many memories of a great editor and wonderful journalist.
A beautifully written -30
My Last Byline - Mark Mooney - Medium