Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn to code.
Creativity is the ability to create something new in the fabric of humanity. Creativity is bringing your true self into the world. What will you create? Join us at . #HourOfCode With and more!
The percentage of Black, Hispanic/Latino, and female students grew faster than all other groups in AP Computer Science. Congrats to teachers for record diversity results!
Over 50% increase in AP CS Principles exam takers propels overall AP CS growth! And the 2000 teachers expected at CS Principles workshops this summer will give even more students the opportunity!
Stuck at home? Take a #CodeBreak! See past activities and episodes, and sign-up to receive updates on new Code Break episodes, at Join us Wednesdays for a live, interactive CS lesson with founder and special celeb guests!
Creativity is not just thinking outside the box, it's re-designing the box. What will you create? Join us at . #HourOfCode Featuring and others!
AHHH! Oh my gosh I can’t believe the new #hourofcode from features songs by !!! I’ve been listening to her since I was 10 years old and I’m such a big fan!! Go check out the code I made to the song “Firework” :)
Hoy recibimos a Hadi Partovi, el CEO de y a estudiantes de dos escuelas que vinieron a programar en Casa Rosada
In 2018 we reached an impressive milestone: 15 million girls are on ! As we look ahead to what's in store for 2019 and beyond, take a look at our Annual Report to see what else we achieved in 2018!:
For the third year in a row, thousands of teachers joined to be part of the fastest growing movement in education: teaching computer science. We’re inspired by all the teachers who took the leap to learn a new subject!
Got my 5 year old daughter coding up a storm on her school holidays, she loves it! This is on for those who are interested.
If you have 5-15yo kids at home and want to use the time to teach programming Have worked super for us Thank the creators
Please share the good news from the #G20! There is international agreement about the importance of computer science and coding in schools. Together, we're bringing computer science to all the world's students. Learn more at . ❤️️🖥 #G20Argentina
Peer-reviewed research shows: School participation in the program causes an estimated 5x increase in students that take and pass the AP Computer Science Principles exam. Read the study! 🖥➡️
Today we kick off CSEdWeek 2018, and 50 million students will try the #HourOfCode globally! What will you create? Featuring , , Bono, , and others!
New research shows the Professional Learning program causes an estimated 5x increase in students taking and passing AP Computer Science, with even larger increases among young women and underrepresented minorities.
Are you thinking about becoming a CS teacher? Now is your chance! Applications are now open for the 2019-20 Professional Learning Program for middle and high school teachers. All students deserve the opportunity to learn and it can start with you!
We've reached an incredible milestone: 20 MILLION young women have accounts on ! This represents the work of hundreds of thousands of teachers across the globe—and every girl who has started learning to code! #HourOfCode ❤️💪💻️
If you know an incredible teacher who may want to teach computer science, now is your chance to let them know. Nominate them for a scholarship to a workshop! ❤️🖥️🏫
So AMAZING using ‘s app lab and skills developed in Computer Science Principles class a GHS student created Tetris
On behalf of millions of students, thank you for your generous support of !
Recent articles say InfoSec has ~2-3 million jobs to fill. Let’s stay that’s true. As point of reference, I found these charts where the U.S. is graduating only 50-60K comp-sci a year. If InfoSec is to close the gap, labor must come from elsewhere.
Big news for Alabama… May 28, 2019 – a date to remember for Alabama K-12 Computer Science. The Alabama House & Senate adopted HB-216, which has provisions for all 9 of the state policies to make CS fundamental (Alabama among earliest to reach this goal).
Just announced: Wampa, the new charity pet, with all proceeds going to . #BlizzCon2018 💚
Congratulations Northview’s Mr. Jolicouer, who has been selected to participate in USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering summer teacher program, in conjunction w . #anothergreatdayincvusd
gets $12 million in funding from the Gates Foundation and others
Just watched an 11 year old girl code live on stage in front of thousands of people. Results are compelling. Impressed as hell by and #NCSC19
This non-coding activity is 's first step in a new journey to teach more about AI. Computer science is about so much more than coding!
Creativity is innovation. Creativity is bringing new worlds to life. Creativity is doing something you love. What will you create? Join us at . #HourOfCode With , , , Avishai Abrahami, and more!
We just hit a huge milestone: students have created more than 50 MILLION projects on ! We are proud to see so many fun, innovative, helpful and creative projects that students have coded themselves. See them for yourself!
We love inspirational stories like this! This one comes from Luna R., a CS Principles teacher in New York: "My female students in every CS course I taught have double each year since I started using . "
Pleasure to see the first coding results using in our City Innovation Program. Mar del Plata/Batan are the first cities in Argentina to join international partnership program. Thanks to and for make it possible !
Om du har lyst å gjere ein ekstra innsats for Kodetimen i år, så treng vi fleire på oversettarlaget av . Les her for å komme i gang og hjelpe til med å gjere det lettare å undervise koding i skulen.
After 5 days of Computer Science Discoveries training for , I am ready to plan my first unit of CSD with all of my planning necessities! Thankful for some awesome facilitators and fellow educators! 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🏫💻 #TeachCode #GirlsWhoCode
Students have created 42 MILLION projects on , such as this colorful game: . What will you create? 🎉 And teachers, unleash creativity in your classroom—attend a workshop to begin teaching computer science:
How cute is Whomper, the playful baby yeti! Between now and December 31, adopt the World of #Warcraft in-game pet or purchase the plush to support .
En representación de , recorrimos MOVA, el nuevo espacio de innovación educativa en Medellín y único en el país, con , fundador de organización que promueve a estudiantes y maestros en el aprendizaje de ciencias de la computación 🌍🌎
is bringing computer education to Alaska Airlines’ in-flight entertainment # via
We are hosting 's Hour of Code again this year! Tomorrow, Friday December 1st, about 80 local students will be in our office learning about computer science. Here is a video from last year's #HourofCode #ThrowbackThursday.
’s amazing work and progress continues.
littleBits founder claims the central focus of the recent 60 Minutes segment on women and computing was changed from her company to during production ()
Explora, bringing more computer science to New Mexico classrooms #KRQEmornings FULL STORY >>
Daniel and Bill leveling up in Computer Science Fundamentals Course F at 7:30pm because they wanted to. 💜💜💜 #springbreak #csforall #cs4LAUSD #knvcc
Q&A with Hadi Partovi on starting , working on IE at Microsoft, what he is looking for in startup founders, and teaching computer science in schools ( / New York Times)
🤯 Mind-blowing fun at 's CS Principles 5-day workshop! Showin off my love ❤️ by posting my new swag 😍 for Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. 👍👍
I have worked with this little man for 3 years. His ❤️ 4 🤖 fills me with 🤗 This semester he completed an entire COURSE #code #robotics #SlaterMotivator #ChooseSlater #ChoosePurpose
Our Silicon Slopes Tech Summit January 18 and 19 includes many amazing speakers, including CEO Joey Zwillinger, former Executive , and President . Tickets are going fast!
facilitated 5 computer science workshops across Colorado today! 3 CSD middle school workshops, 1 CSF elem workshop in Longmont! Thank you ! & thanks to a robotics workshop in Widefield! Great teamwork!
@60Minutes The resources provided by have enabled me to learn new skills & teach them to so many children hungry for the challenge & wanting to learn more about CS & other STEAM fields. Thanks for seeing us & helping us prepare them for futures we can’t even imagine!
facilitated 5 computer science workshops across Colorado today! 3 CSD middle school workshops, 1 CSF elem workshop in Longmont! Thank you ! & thanks to a robotics workshop in Widefield! Great teamwork!
Creativity is looking for inspiration from everything around you, and discovering something new. What will you create? Join us at . #HourOfCode Featuring , , , , , )
is an amazing organization that partners with some amazing organizations. The Summit in San Antonio has made me feel valued and appreciated as an educator and reminded me of my WHY! Thanks for your dedication!
Profile of an angel investor and co-founder Ali Partovi, who now manages Neo, a fund that matches talented young engineers with tech industry veterans ( / Forbes)
"todays coders are the new rockstars. thats it" tells it as it is to encourage kids to code via
Day 4 of #TeachCode Having so much fun and learning from a great community of educators. Thanks for creating !
PrograMitra's exhibition on the 25th Feb 2018 is special this year. From the Visitor Registration App to the Feedback App, everything is created by students aged 8 to 14 yrs! Thank you for bringing us educators, a great tool like App Lab!
Creativity is how the younger generations will solve the world’s toughest problems. What will you create? #HourOfCode
1/4 of all U.S. students are on . In 5th grade, it's 2/3 of students! And the majority (70%) are girls or underrepresented minorities! So honored to be a part of this movement. The sexiest thing in the world...
continues to drive inclusive engagement in CS! - “Girls and minorities break records in computer science as fastest-growing groups!” by
“Coding Isn’t Part of Our Core Curriculum. But Thanks To , It May Soon Be.” Big news!!
Computer science is the underpinning of cryptocurrency. So we are extremely excited to have and speak at the Litecoin Summit. They accept crypto donations! Get your tickets at
my 8yo loves we've got a new in-🏠 variant. we're calling it Dadascript.
last night, after dinner, my 8yo asked me what "eval" was for. (she's learning js via .) I am simultaneously so proud and so, so worried. 😅😅😅
Yes! One thing I've been astounded by is the quality of tools now available for kids to learn to code. Our kids, now 9, just took an intro class to Python. They started at 5 years old working on and , which make coding fun!
Every Atheist Parent Needs: #atheist #ThrowbackPost
also me trying to hear the Boy asking me questions about
We're also partnering with a number of organisations on this airdrop, , Network for Good, and Charity Water. They'll all be accepting XLM for charitable contributions.
, the non-profit that aims to increase access to computer science education, raises $12M from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Infosys, and PwC (Megan Rose Dickey/TechCrunch)
is a non-profit dedicated to introducing all students, especially girls and people of color, to computer science.
If this is for your own kids, check out . If you’re looking to create something not done yet, the CSed world still lacks a mainstream drag/drop interface for functional programming like LISP, Scheme, etc.
has helped introduce thousands of teachers to blended learning. #setdals
Every Atheist Parent Needs: #atheist #ThrowbackPost
Brought to you by tech-backed nonprofit computer science in public schools
's continued impact: Girls Set AP Computer Science Record, Skyrocketing Growth Outpaces Boys
Don't forget, today's the day! Get your Beyond Binary Pride shirts now!
Great meetup tonight with faculty, PhD students, , Microsoft, public schools! #SIGCSE2017
is part of Turkey's national curriculum thanks to the ministry of education & !
gears up to get 30,000 students psyched up about computer science via
See #CodeOrg #HadiP on CBS 60 Minutes this Sunday! (See Hadi without a baseball hat for the first time in 5 years.) - Non-profit teaching computer science to girls from kindergarten up
A great profile! has trained over 1,000 teachers to begin teaching CS in Chicago schools.
Like Stanford, 's high school CS courses teach JavaScript over Java, for the same reason.
’s preschooler programming lesson thing is pretty great but it would be so much better with R2D2 instead of BB8.
Every Atheist Parent Needs: #atheist #ThrowbackPost
#UWAllen hosts 's 2018 Computer Science Education Week kickoff, featuring Melinda Gates, Hadi Partovi, and Brad Smith; #UWAllen professor Richard Ladner honored with an award -
Best quote, from : “We love , because you listen to teachers, and it shows.” ❤️