Meet the 2017 MacArthur Fellows (#MacFellow), 24 creative people who inspire us all:
“MacArthur Fellow Tyshawn Sorey” is a phrase that brings me great satisfaction. Hugely deserving. Genius indeed.
Huge congrats to journalist & justice leader who were named 2017 #MacFellow
Some cool new Macarthur choices here, including ... Congrats!
Congratulations to the 2017 MacArthur fellows! #MacFellow
MacArthur's fellows are defined as ``extraordinary individuals who inspire us all". Congrats for winning this year's award! Thank you for being such an extraordinary person and scholar & for truly inspiring us all.
Once again my favorite Genius was not picked by MacArthur...
No economists among 2017 MacArthur Geniuses but they did recognize great musician
Wow! won MacArthur award for 'reclaiming African American contributions to folk and country music'
Amazing new class of fellows! Can't wait to learn more about these game-changers.
Congratulations to the 2017 #MacFellow Class!
#ICYMI. announces its #MacFellows, folks moving the needle on vital social issues.