. becomes 79th journal to offer #RegisteredReports & first to combine prereg with post pub peer review
1st publisher to integrate #RegisteredReport format using an open post-publication #PeerReview model #Transparency
Registered Reports now at . Try RR and F1000's innovative review process together!
Big step towards truly living documents , extending registered reports to post-publication #peerreview
. is now offering #RegisteredReports
F1000Research now publishing Registered Reports with its open post-publication peer review model
Interesting development: Registered reports at F1000
F1000 Research Started Publishing Registered Reports
Been a long time coming, but happy to unveil the first transparent, post publication peer-reviewed registered report
Now with F1000 supporting Registered Reports so will Gates Open Research (now accepting submission for grantees)
Transparency meets transparency | F1000 Blogs
Hi Chris, yes same model as (as will any other platforms where we provide the publishing services), the guidelines are just being confirmed/refined as we publish the first couple (will be official soon) but they can be found in this blog