MAST in 1 tweet: a new data structure that enables smaller transaction sizes, improved privacy, and more complex smart contracts in Bitcoin.
Must read! Really good explanation of MAST by
This is the best explanation of MAST I've read anywhere: (disclaimer: I also write at bitcointechtalk)
MAST, an application in script that BTC tries to say will only be on sidechains (Blockstream owned) will be a part of BCH natively again. The only thing missing.. OP_CAT One simple OPCODE adds so much back
A MAST read, a must read - adding real value to #BTC $BTCUSD
Best overview so far of proposed MAST upgrade to Bitcoin by . It allows for smaller, more sophisticated smart contracts & greater privacy thus more fungibility.
Clever idea: “What is a Bitcoin Merklized Abstract Syntax Tree (MAST)?” — 
“What is a Bitcoin Merklized Abstract Syntax Tree (MAST)?” — 
MAST (merkelized abstract syntax trees) explained: Thanks a lot !
"What is a Bitcoin Merklized Abstract Syntax Tree (MAST)?" by
11/ Additional resources: David Harding’s post on Bitcoin Tech Talk: . Johnson Lau’s MAST Proposal, BIP 114:
6/ David Harding () visualized the benefits in the graphic below which comes from his phenomenal post here that I *highly* recommend: