I used to troll people at SV parties by saying I was doing deep learning in the blockchain. In the last month, I've encountered several startups that earnestly purport to have this business model. Poe's law in action?
I have never managed a tweet of someone else's going viral, but seeing the replies, I guess this bears some explaining for everyone over the Poe threshold
The joke would be lost on most people who don't know you personally. Poe's law to the rescue!
Miller's Prediction: when Poe's Law applies to more than 50% of posts on social media, civilization collapses.
+💯 for bringing up Poe’s Law at #sotn2018 1 way out of this is focusing on increasing media & digital literacy but, as noted, there’s a lot of intentional fraud & propaganda undermining public trust in journalism & journalists
Imagine if they filmed a show in the same format of Portlandia from inside the CHAZ, does it pass Poe's Law?
PS: I always immediately regret writing these kinds of things, after remembering Poe’s Law
Zoals voorspeld, de Wet van Poe slaat toch toe, zelfs als je hem aankondigt.😂 Het was IRONIE, .
Just tried to come up with a parody name for a fake bitcoin startup. All the good joke names were taken by real companies.
Poe’s law corollary: for every statement that you think can only be made ironically/satirically, there is someone on the Internet who makes it seriously. Unlike audience version, the speaker version mostly afflicts those who are well-adjusted IRL
Tweets live independent lives from the things they point to, so for many ppl this is something you've said (& therefore worth responding to). Also, Poe's Law: . FWIW, $5-10K is a high but reasonable sum for a review.
This is actually a thing.