1/7: Big news! Very excited to announce Status Update, on ! #EJMinfo
We are hiring on the junior job market this year! Applications are now open on . We will be interviewing online at the job market. #EconJobMarket #EEA #EconTwitter more info about the position here:
Reminder for jobs season: allows job posters to provide public updates about where they are in their search - e.g. reviewing apps, scheduling flyouts, job filled. And jobs are now searchable by status. Go to:
Hey #EconJobMarket, in case you like data (or just want to filter *and* sort results at the same time), you can download listings from using this python code. Happy job searching!
#ASSA2019 is over. If your dept posted an ad on or on JOE (maybe?), does your ad status now say “scheduling fly outs”? Prod your admin or recruiting chair. Get this info out there so no one has to resort to the dark web.
Come work with us, and , in 2020/2021 as a DC Political Economy Center Postdoc. DCPEC is a joint initiative of GU and JHU. Applications on
A second reminder: If your institution has a listing on , please make sure you update the status as appropriate. The information on the site is only as good as what hiring institutions provide.
Seeing lots of #EJMinfo coming out! A good time to remind folks to use it and also the status update feature on
want to help make EJMR irrelevant and you are on a hiring committee at an institution? if you haven't already: join EconJobMarket a verified place for YOU to post your job search status ... candidates: THIS SITE is best place to follow the market
And check out . Lots of employers using status update feature! #EJMinfo
Just realized I never posted my own dept's #EJMinfo! Notre Dame is hiring at all levels, will post status updates here & on
This, like our Trade Fellow position at (on ), is a fantastic position to take before starting your tenure track position elsewhere, to broaden your network and collaborate with some of the best in the business
Looking at it seems that many US schools are conspicuously absent, while some European ones are on all-out hiring sprees (looking at you ). Has anyone checked systematically? And what's the reason - public money less volatile than endowments?