Average price of new #windpower is ~2 cents/kWh, supported by federal tax incentives. New report for at , along with data and visualizations.
Bigger wind turbines perform better than small ones. Average capacity factor of 42% for recently built projects. New report for at
Wind in the US is now $0.02/kWh! Down from $0.07 in 2009! Wind is no left-wing hobby that runs on subsidy. It's the other way round now: fossil fuels are a right-wing hobby that run on subsidies (and ruin our ecosystem).
This 🇺🇸 DoE chart says it all really - NEW #wind & #solar investment plans in the US are growing rapidly. Gas is strong, but gradually falling; storage coming. Nuclear and coal no where to be seen. US #coal plant closures accelerating (not charted). ✔️
Wind power capacity growing nationally; >6% of US electricity overall, >10% in 14 states, and >30% in 4 states. New report for at . #windenergy
By the way, that $7.6 billion subsidy for New York #nuclear over 12 years amounts to 3.8 cents/kWh. In other words, the cost of the subsidy alone exceeds the average unsubsidized cost of wind in the U.S (3.5 cents/kWh) or subsidized cost (2 cents/kWh)
The annual wind #energy market report is out from . It's a treasure trove of info Wind energy in the U.S. is still getting cheaper: avg installed cost of 2018 projects was $1,470/kW, down 40% since the peak in '09/'10 & capacity factors are up
Holy Moly! Wind turbine output getting a bit closer to baseload. #Wind energy capacity factors in U.S. for turbines installed from 2014-2018 AVERAGED 41%, up from 24% 1998 to 2001.
Analysts forecast 8,000-11,000 MW/year of new wind build from 2018 through 2020, before market contraction. New report for at . #windenergy
"After topping out at 7¢/kWh for power purchase agreements (PPAs) executed in 2009, the national average price of wind PPAs has dropped to around 2¢/kWh." Conservatives who rail against supposedly high-cost renewable energy, take note.
The average price of new #windpower is now below 2 cents/kWh, supported by federal tax incentives. Read the new wind energy report at
US #windpower employs 105,500 workers. Nacelle assembly, towers, blades & hubs are often domestically sourced. New report for at . #windenergy
The levelized cost of wind energy in the US (without the PTC) varies by region; is on the decline. New report for at . #windenergy
+50%! Wind's increasing capacity factor is one the most impressive stories in RE: "average 2016 capacity factor among projects built in 2014 and 2015 was 42.6%"
It’s not that Perry disagrees. It’s that Trump’s an insane liar. Trump says windmill power isn't working. His Energy secretary disagrees - Los Angeles Times
US #windpower capacity continued to grow in 2017; $11 billion invested, mostly in the “interior” region (ND to TX). New report for at . #windenergy
Our annual #windpower report for DOE is out! Data, graphics, and more at .
"The average generating capacity of newly installed wind turbines in the US in 2018 was 2.4 MW, up 239% since 1998-1999. The average rotor diameter was 116 meters, up 141% over 1998-1999, while the average hub height was 88 meters, up 57% since 1998-1999."
Some really good news: 's new Wind Market Report shows record low wind prices. According to EIA data, energy from new wind is now cheaper than what pays just for fuel at its Sherco plant! #cleanerandcheaper
New report out of LBNL has PPAs for U.S. wind power down to nearly 2 cents per kilowatt hour, mostly coming out of the Midwest.
Wind energy contributed 6.3 percent of the nation’s electricity supply, more than 10 percent of total electricity generation in 14 states, and more than 30 percent in four of those states (Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota).
New LBL report: More than 105,000 full-time workers in U.S. wind industry at end of 2017
Four states (Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota) now generate more than 30 percent of their total electricity from wind. The reason? Bigger turbines. Full report from is worth reading. #energy #renewables #RenewableEnergy #WindPower
New LBL report: Average capacity factor of U.S. wind projects built from 2014 to 2016 is a whopping 42%
New LBL report: Average U.S. wind PPA price is now 2 cents/kWh