Everyone - before Election Day creeps up, please click this link and make sure you are on the voter roll: . SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
If you just got screwed by the GOP #TaxScamBill remember that karmic reckoning is less than a year away. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and in this case, you can dish it out right at the ballot box. Register and Vote in 2018.
voting matters 🙃 register here: #midterms2018
are you registered?? REGISTER TO VOTE!!! 🇺🇸 #Resist #Resistance #BlueWave2018 🌊
I'm gonna regret this but here are my thoughts on #Adele: Each and every one of us has to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask: Am I registered to vote? Am I registered to vote by mail? Are my friends and family registered? Too much is at stake not to:
If you're registered to vote in the midterm elections, give this a love and pass this tweet along! If not, go right now to -- then love this tweet and pass it along!
THIS NEEDS TO HIT EVERY DEVICE IN AMERICA 10 TIMES. #Oscar for best political flic. “They don’t wanna see us vote and we never do, so we see the same thing.” - 🔥🔥🔥 Brah!! Get off these sidelines, people!! #VOTE Voter registration info:👇🏾
PLEASE RETWEET: Speaker Pelosi did her duty today. Now it’s time to do yours. It’s #NationalVoterRegistrationDay. 🗳 Register to vote (it’s easy!), OR 🗳 Confirm your address is correct.
So hey. Today's SCOTUS rulings are bad. Really bad. If you haven't yet registered to vote in November's elections, you should. If you have, reach out to a couple friends to see if they're registered. Vote.
"He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same." Truly revealing what just said about Kim Jong Un and his own ambitions. Defend democracy from Trump's attacks:
We are 98 days til midterms. It is important that you register to vote AND if you already did, confirm you are on the voter roll. 9 states last week - all red - purged their voter rolls. Please spread the word: REGISTER AND CONFIRM!
Please make sure you are registered to vote - 9 states have done voter purges!
It’s #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! Voting is one of the most pawerful ways you can influence the conservation of our ocean. You otter be a voter!
Here are the dates of the Democratic primaries. Many states are “closed primaries” meaning you MUST be registered as a Democrat in order to vote in the primary. Make sure you are registered to vote ASAP and make sure you are registered as a Democrat.
Rather than criticizing 's recent global warming tweet, we'll just leave this here instead. Think ahead for 2020.
It's #NationalVoterRegistrationDay! Learn if you're eligible to vote, how to register, check, or update your information:
Yes, the racist man said something blatantly racist again. The most important thing you can do is to register to vote/check your voter status.
🚨 VOTER REGISTRATION ENDS TODAY IN: 🚨 — Arizona — Arkansas — Florida — Georgia — Indiana — Kentucky — Louisiana — Michigan — Mississippi — New Mexico — Ohio — Pennsylvania — Tennessee — Texas 👇 Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration 👇
STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! 🚨 (please) every registered voter in every state needs to confirm they are still REGISTERED and check the location of your polling place. and if you aren’t registered and are still able PLEASE DO IT NOW! #Vote #Midterms2018
is all about participation and making a difference. Today is National Voter Registration Day, have you registered? Check your status and register:
It may be #TransformersTuesday, but it's also #NationalVoterRegistrationDay, so transform (into a voter) and roll out! #OptimusPrime #VoterRegistration
For those who haven't yet registered, here's how >> #vote
Please, people...register to vote if you aren’t. And everyone who is registered to vote in November , I beg of you, please go vote. Participate in our democracy. Be heard. Stand up and use your voice.
Hey, are you registered to vote? It is #NationalVoterRegistraionDay after all! Curbing #climatechange takes voting in elected leaders that recognize the urgency of the problem. Don’t know how to register or where? Take a look here
A1: I have a long tweetorial from a recent DC visit, but in short... #btsm Step ONE: VOTE! Step TWO: Find your members of Congress. House➡️ Senate➡️
Worth remembering: Congress is not meant to be co-equal. It is the pre-eminent branch of government. It can impeach other branches but cannot be impeached by them. It's the branch closest to the people. No matter what happens today, you can vote soon.
In conclusion, vote who you like in the primary, then get behind whoever’s in the general with everything you’ve got. Make sure you’re registered to vote.
Apropos of <waves vaguely in every direction>
Go make sure you’re registered to vote. Then go vote.
Today is National Voter Registration Day! Are you 100% sure you're registered to vote? Is every woman you know registered? Let's vote rape apologists out of office! REGISTER: #RockTheVote
The grassroots energy is with and progressive, pro-choice candidates across the country - and that momentum is what has Paul Ryan and other Republicans running scared. It’s 209 days until election day - are you registered to vote yet?
12/12 A reminder: November 6, 2018.
take a look at your voter ID cards! make sure everything is still correct so when it comes time to vote there won’t be any issues 👍 also if you aren’t registered wtf are you waiting for? get busy!! #BlueWave2018 👇👇
You know all of those 17-yr-olds who will turn 18 on or before Election Day? The ones who you may still think of as kids? They're not. Do everything you can to help them register to vote.
How to register to vote or check your status #BeAVoter
Are you registered to vote? Can you get one person to register and vote in 2020?
All of it actually has to do with some unhinged person being the decider.
To anyone who keeps voting in the state where their parents live even though they don't live there anymore - stop doing that. Don't give anyone a reason to disqualify your vote. Update your voter registration TODAY to the place where YOU live.
Just a little tiny reminder that if you’re voting for #AmericanIdol, you should also vote for elected leaders (yes, even if your views are different from mine). Registering to vote is easy
Only 6 months until the most important election in US history. That’s not hyperbole. We have a racist President who is ill equipped to run our country and protect ALL citizens. We need a change more than ever. Please please please vote.
Register online to vote. This is available for 37 states plus the District of Columbia. I am going to try to retweet this periodically as a reminder. #RegisterToVote
#NationalVoterRegistrationDay PLEASE REGISTER TO #VOTE! Voting is your right, exercise it!
Happy Voter Registration Day!
If you haven't registered to vote, you still can. Info here: Vote early if you're allowed to. The later you wait until Election Day, the more they can hork things up last minute if given the chance.