Community Influencers
#1 Sam Harris 
Author of The End of Faith, FreeWill, and other bestselling books; host of the Making Sense podcast; and creator of the Waking Up app ().
#2 Jonathan Haidt 
Social psychologist at NYU-Stern. I study moral psych & business ethics. I think social media is damaging democracy so I try to tweet rarely and constructively
#3 Christina Sommers 🧢 
Resident scholar, AEI. Former philosophy professor. Author of War Against Boys. Host of YouTube’s The Factual Feminist & co-host of weekly podcast
#4 Coleman Hughes 
Columnist at . Co-host of . Has contributed to , , , , , and .
#5 Eric Weinstein 
Math guy. MD at Thiel Capital. Host of The Portal at YT:
#6 Bret Weinstein 
Professor in Exile. If we don't harness evolution, it will harness us. That web which shall not be named. Game~B.
#7 Michael Shermer 
Host Science Salon Podcast, Publisher Skeptic Magazine, Presidential Fellow Chapman University, author The Moral Arc & more.
#8 Heather E Heying 
Professor in exile. Biologist. Seeker and communicator of truths. Spends time in the Amazon. Rhymes with flying.
#9 John McWhorter 
I teach linguistics and other things at Columbia U., am Contributing Editor at the Atlantic, host Lexicon Valley at Slate. Next book: NINE NASTY WORDS.
#10 Dr. Debra Soh 
Science journalist defending academic freedom. /
#11 Steven Pinker 
Cognitive scientist at Harvard.
#12 Ayaan Hirsi Ali 
Human rights activist, founder , fellow and . Latest book 'Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now'.
#13 Charles Murray 
Husband, father, social scientist, writer, Madisonian. Or maybe right-wing ideologue, pseudoscientist, evil. Opinions differ.
#14 Paul Bloom 
Psychologist who studies and writes about human nature—including morality, pleasure, and religion
#15 Douglas Murray 
Bestselling author of five books, including 'The Madness of Crowds' and 'The Strange Death of Europe'. Associate Editor @ The Spectator
#16 Dr Jordan B Peterson 
U Toronto Psychology Professor. NOTE: RTs/follows are not to be read unfailingly as endorsements. I sometimes post material with which I do not agree.
#17 Niall Ferguson 
International man of history. Author, broadcaster, senior fellow. Latest book is The Square and the Tower (Penguin, October 2017)
#18 Nicholas A. Christakis 
Scientist. Author. Physician. Sociologist. Yale professor working at boundary of natural & social sciences. Can slip to a side. Luckily wed
#19 Steve Stewart-Williams 
Psychology, evolution, nature/nurture, sex differences, etc. My second book, The Ape That Understood the Universe, hit the shelves in 2018...
#20 Andy Ngo 
Independent journalist. Help me seek justice: … Support my work:
#21 James Damore 
Interested in open discussions and improving the world by fixing perverse incentive structures. Author of the pro-diversity #GoogleMemo.
#22 Sarah Haider 
Promotes civil liberties, women’s rights, liberalism, atheism. Pakistani by birth, American by choice. Executive Director, . Views my own.
#23 Lee Jussim 
Social science, social psychology & science reform, disciplined empirical skepticism, viewpoint diversity, principled defense of speech & academic freedom
#24 Dave Rubin 
Twitter is not real life.
#25 Diana S. Fleischman 
#Sentientist. Evolutionary psychologist. Hyperthymic utilitarian. Bivalvegan. Effective altruist. I’m aware my name means "meat man". I never tweet about Trump.
#26 Clay Routledge 
Prof/ studies psychology of meaning, culture, nostalgia & freedom/ fitness and garage dojo enthusiast/ Senior Fellow
#27 Pamela Paresky (seeking antifragility 
Opinions mine but I often change them. Won the Internet twice & made up a word once. Still an unverified nobody. For a verified nobody, follow
#28 Peter Boghossian 
#29 Gad Saad 
Professor, Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist, Author. Opinions are mine alone.
#30 Melissa Chen 
Open books lead to open minds. Democratizing knowledge via . Born in Singapore, I was a scientist in a past life. Also writes for .
#31 Thomas Chatterton Williams 🎧 
Contributing Writer . Visting Fellow . Formerly and . SELF-PORTRAIT IN BLACK AND WHITE: UNLEARNING RACE.
#32 Claire Lehmann 
Founding Editor
#33 أبو عمّار 
resisting the democratisation of truth - nolite te bastardes carborundorum
#34 Greg Lukianoff 
CEO . #Freespeech lawyer. Author Unlearning Liberty, co-author Coddling of the American Mind w/ Opinions are mine
#35 Yeyo 
Took a twitter vacation, got my handle stolen. Same hispanic shitlord as always. Might occasionally tweet in spanish or swedish.
#36 Glenn Loury 
Professor of Economics and Faculty Fellow, Watson Institute, Brown University. Works on race and inequality in the US and throughout the world.
#37 Helen Pluckrose 
Editor Secular, liberal humanist. Mother. Doglover. Does grievance studies well which is to say badly. [email protected]
#38 Tania A Reynolds 
Social Psychology postdoctoral researcher at the Kinsey Institute. Seeking to understand the human condition. Infinitely more interested in data than ideology.
#39 Richard Dawkins 
UK biologist & writer. Science, the poetry of reality. Good-humoured ridicule of religions. RTs don't imply endorsement, nor exhaustive research of tweeter's CV
#40 Lindsay Shepherd 
Campus Free Speech Fellow, . Investigative Journalism Fellow, . Columnist, .
#41 Andrew Sullivan 
Here for the articles.
#42 David Buss 
Author of The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating
#43 Titania McGrath 
Activist. Healer. Radical intersectionalist poet. Selfless and brave. Buy my book.
#44 David Schmitt 
Professor & Director, Centre for Culture & Evolution, Brunel University London. Tweets my own & are science communications not endorsements of views/findings
#45 Cathy Young 
Russian-Jewish-American. Pro: freedom, reason, nuance, civility [exceptions may apply], otters. etc. [email protected]
#46 Debra Mashek 
Executive Director of . Tweeting about #openinquiry , #viewpointdiversity , and #constructivedisagrerment in higher education.
#47 Jonathan Kay 
editor/podcaster. Book author. maker. alum/writer. . engineering. law
#48 Bradley Campbell 
Sociologist. Author of THE GEOMETRY OF GENOCIDE () and coauthor of THE RISE OF VICTIMHOOD CULTURE ().
#49 Toni Airaksinen 
Columnist . Social media manager for a kosher restaurant in Brooklyn. Formerly , USA TODAY & elsewhere. Barnard grad 🌻
#50 Robert Wright 
Author of Nonzero, The Moral Animal, The Evolution of God. Visiting Prof of Science & Religion EIC